State schemes, ongoing and completed projects

State Plan

  1. C(a)-VEPM-1-Non-Development (09)
    Epidemiological investigation of diseases in livestock and poultry in Haryana
  2. C(a)-VPHE-2 Development Work (126)
    Investigation and epidemiology of diseases of livestock and poultry in Haryana
  3. C(a)-VPHE-1 Development Work (125)
    Diagnostic facilities for livestock and poultry farmers in eight districts of Haryana (Hisar, Ambala, Karnal, Jind, Rohtak, Bhiwani, M/Garh, Rohtak and Sirsa)
  4. B-1(e) Development Work-VPHE (114)
    Diagnostic services and health education of scheduled castes of Haryana for rearing sheep, goat, piggery and poultry
  5. C(a)-VPHE-3 Development Work (127)
    Studies on food borne infections with special reference to Yersiniosis

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. All India Coordinated Research Project on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PI: Dr. Rajesh Khurana)
  2. DBT Network Programme on Anthrax Diagnosis and Control in India (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)
  3. Preliminary testing of commercial and backyard poultry, and wild birds for avian influenza at LUVAS (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)
  4. ICMR funded project on Genetic characterization of zoonotic Echinococcus granulosus genotypes in slaughtered small ruminants (PI: Dr. Pallavi Moudgil)

External Funded Research Projects: Completed 

  1. Strengthening of disease diagnostic services and surveillance for important animal diseases in the state of Haryana funded by RKVY
  2. Development of Facility for Quality Assurance of Foods of Animal Origin funded by RKVY
  3. Modernization of laboratories for farmers for economically important diseases livestock and poultry funded by RKVY
  4. Outreach Program on Zoonotic Diseases funded by ICAR (PI: Dr. Dinesh Mittal)
  5. Modernization of disease investigation and toxicological laboratories and animal house facilities for better diagnostic services to livestock farmers funded by RKVY
  6. Upgradation of laboratory for quality assurance of foods of animal origin funded by RKVY (PI: Dr. Vijay J. Jadhav)
  7. Equipping the Disease Investigation Laboratory (Ambala) with Modern Diagnostic and Training Facilities for Farmers by RKVY (PI: Dr. Vandna Bhanot)
  8. Accelerating bovine tuberculosis control in developing countries funded by Gates Foundation (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)
  9. Surveillance and molecular epidemiology of especially dangerous respiratory viruses in commercial and backyard poultry and migratory waterfowl in India by Defence Threat Reduction Agency, USA (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)
  10. DBT Network Program on Mycobacterial disease control- Mycobacterial Diseases in Animals Network (MyDAN) programme (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)
  11. Strengthening of facilities for rapid diagnosis of respiratory avian mycoplasmosis funded by ICAR (PI: Dr. Y. Singh)
  12. Epidemiological studies on pathogens associated with swine mortality and socio-economic upliftment of Scheduled Caste pig farmers funded by RKVY (PI: Dr. Naresh Jindal)

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