Extramural Projects

RKVY Schemes

  1. 4058-C (g)CODST-1-O.A(RKVY) Skill Development and training for Sc/ST woman, small & marginal farmers and other weaker segments of the society
  2. 4064(PFMS)/C(g)-VSR-03-O.A.Strengthening and upgradation of facilities and services for diagnostic imaging in different disease of animals.
  3. 4066(PFMS)/C(g)-AGB-06-O.A. Productivity enhancement of Scheduled caste goat farmers through awareness programs and latest molecular techniques.
  4. 4067(PFMS)/C(g)-VPS-01-O.A. Strengthening of diagnostic facilities for vector-borne haemoparasitic diseases and creation of awareness amongst farmers for disease control.
  5. 4068(PFMS)-C(g)-VSR-04-O.A. Strengthening and upgradation of radiological facilities for diagnosis of different diseases of animals.
  6. 4069 )-C(g)-VCC-01-OA -RKVY- Establishment of blood bank for livestock and companion animals.
  7. 4070(PFMS)-C(g)-LFC-02-RKVY-SCSP Establishment of piggery Unit for propagation and dissemination of superior germplasm to scheduled caste farmers of Haryana state.
  8. 4071(PFMS)-C(g)-VPB-03-O.A.(RKVY) Upgradation of existing semen laboratory for strengthening of A.I. services and providing animal infertility diagnostic facilities to livestock owners.
  9. 4072(PFMS)-C(g)-CODST-05-RKVY Establishment of milk and milk product testing laboratory.
  10. 4073(PFMS)-C(g)-VMD-01-RKVY Strengthening of diagnostic and research facilities for infections and non infectious diseases in dairy animals
  11. 4074(PFMS)-C(g)-VSR-05-RKVY Strengthening of Diagnostic Imagining Facilities for Large and Small Animals.
  12. 4075(PFMS)-C(g)-LPM-04-RKVY Development of various buffalo production and management modules for different category of dairy farmers.

ICAR Schemes

  1. 5003-C(b)-VBH-ICAR Centre for Advanced Faculty Training in Veterinary Microbiology
  2. 5508-C(b)- LPM-3-ICAR Network project on Buffalo Improvement.
  3. 5511-C(b)-VPHE-02-ICAR All India Coordinated research project on animal disease monitoring and surveillance (AICRP on ADMAS).
  4. 5521-C(b)-Micro-06(ES)-ICAR Production and diagnostic applications of immunobiologicals for infectious diseases of livestock
  5. 5522-C(b)-VPHE-01(ES)-ICAR Strengthening of facilities for rapid diagnosis respiratory avian mycoplasmosis.
  6. 5526-C(b)-AGB-1-ICAR(AICRP) Sahiwal-Data Recording Unit under AICRP on Cattle.
  7. 5527-C(b)-VMI-05-ICARPhage Display Techniques for Production of Veterinary Immunobiological without Sacrificing Animals
  8. 5530- C(b) Micro-07-ICAR National Animal Disease Control Programme on FMD “Foot-and Mouth Disease - Hisar Centre”
  9. 5531-C(b)-Micro-08 (ES)-ICAR Production and applications of bovine interleukin-17 and anti IL-17 monoclonal antibodies
  10. 5533-C(g)-Micro-09-ICAR(SCSP) Release of funds for SCSP activities
  11. 5535-C(b)-VCC-02-ICAR(NASF)Development of next generation vaccine against refractory animal’s haemoprotozoan parasite for mitigating biotic stress
  12. 5536-C(b)-Vety.patho-06-ICAR(NASF) Development and evaluation of genetically engineered vaccine candidates for African swine fever, equine herpes virus-1 and Equine Influenza (clade 1&2)
  13. 5537-C(b)-VPB-07-ICAR(NASF) Study on immune exhaustion and metabolic reprogramming by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in bovines.

Other Agencies Schemes

  1. 4019/C(g) ABT-1-O.AM.V.Sc. Animal Biotechnology Teaching programme
  2. 5031-C(g) ABT-12-O.A(DBT)-DBT-An integrated omics approach to characterize circulating Newcastle disease virus and intervention strategies to control Newcastle disease in North East India
  3. 5037-C(g)-DBT-VPHE-10-O.A (DBT) DBT network programme on Mycobacterial disease control- Mycobacterial diseases in animals Network (MyDAN) programme
  4. 5039-C(g)-VPB-04-O.A (MFPI) Studies on application of natural antimicrobial peptides for enhancing shelf life of milk and meat products.
  5. 5040-C(g)-DR-04-O.A (RGM) Implementation of embryo transfer and in-vitro fertilization technologies for Bovine Breeding.
  6. 5041-C(g)-ABT-4 -OA (HSCSIT) Detection of Porcine Viral Pathogens using Next Generation Sequencing Technology (NGS)
  7. 5046-C(g)-ABT-15-O.A(SERB)-Identification of novel MiRNA as a biomarker for development of nucleic acid probe based ELISA for early pregnancy diagnosis in bufflao
  8. 5048-C(g)-VPB-04-O.A (HSCSIT) Study of plant/candidate feed supplement to reduce methane production without affecting productivity in buffaloes.
  9. 5049-C(g)-AGB-07-O.A (HSCSIT) Genome scanning for identification of economically important traits related markers in goat: a step towards improving economy of goat farmers in Haryana.
  10. 5052-C(g)-DBT-VPHE-11-O.A (DBT) DBT Network Programme on Anthrax Diagnosis and Control in India (Component-1).
  11. 5053-C(g)-ABT-16-O.A(DBT)-DBT-Network programme on Anthrax Diagnosis and Control in India (Component-2).
  12. 5054-C(g)-ABT-17-O.A(DBT)-DBT-Network programme on Anthrax Diagnosis and Control in India (Component-3).
  13. 5055-C(g)-LFC-02-O.A (HSCSIT) Molecular interventions to improve reproductive efficiency in Murrah buffaloes.
  14. 5056-C(g)-VMI-06-O.A (HSCSIT) Production and characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus specific nanobodies for application as diagnostic reagents.
  15. 5057-C(g)-ABT-18-O.A (HSCSIT) Development of field based diagnostics for porcine viral pathogens and their molecular epidemiology
  16. 5059-C(g)-LFC-04-O.A (DST) Molecular interventions to increase litter size in pigs for improving socio-economic status of rural Scheduled caste families in Haryana.
  17. 5061-C(g)-VPB-06-O.A (NLM) Meat & Egg sustainability through integrated poultry productivity improvement.
  18. 6000-C(g)-DTRA-USA-VPHE-08-O.A (USA) Surveillance and molecular epidemiology of especially dangerous respiratory viruses in commercial and backyard poultry and migratory waterfowl in India.
  19. 6001-C(g)-PSU-USA-VPHE-09-O.A (USA) Accelerating bovine tuberculosis control in developing countries.