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i. Animal Health

  • Surveillance of diseases of buffaloes, cattle, sheep, goats and poultry in Haryana; development of disease forecasting systems and parasitic disease investigations 

  • Development of immunodiagnostics for diseases of economic and zoonotic importance

  • Development of molecular diagnostics for various bacterial, viral and protozoon diseases

  • Development of protocols for quality assurance of foods of animal origin

  • Carrying out toxicological, pharmaco-dynamic and pharmacokinetic studies of various drugs, agrochemicals, and medicinal plants 

  • Development of therapeutics for metabolic disorders 

  • Development and evaluation of safe and cost-effective anaesthetics and analgesics for use in farm animals 

  • Enhancing the reproductive efficiency of farm animals and reduction of generation interval through assisted reproductive technology 

  • Development of kits for pregnancy diagnosis and oestrous detection in farm animals

ii. Animal Production

  • Genetic improvement, conservation, management, nutritional requirements, feeding practices and production of various livestock species

  • Evolving new breeds of dairy cattle, sheep and poultry suited to agro-climatic conditions of Haryana

  • Use of molecular markers for characterization of livestock breeds and their correlation with production

  • Development of protocols for quality testing of cattle and buffalo semen/body fluids for genetic disorders and infections agents using molecular techniques

  • Identification and detoxification of toxic constituents in different livestock and poultry feedstuffs 

  • Development of economically viable livestock farming system under different agro-climatic and socioeconomic conditions 

  • Application of cutting-edge technologies for processing, production, preservation, packaging and marketing of milk, meat and value added products for domestic and international market 

  • Strengthening of research extension linkages for effective technology transfer and feed-back in animal production systems 

  • Breeding and management of laboratory animals viz., rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs for the purpose of teaching and research