State Schemes

Development Schemes

  1. 119- Dtr.1-Dev. Work: Strengthening of Director of Research
  2. 120-C(a)-ABT-1-Dev. Work: Use of molecular markers for characterization of livestock breeds and their relations with traits of economics importance
  3. 121-C(a)-ABT-2-Dev. Work: Development of molecular diagnostics for canine parvo, fowl adeno, Marek’s disease, calf diarrhoea and peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV)
  4. 122-C(a)-ABT-3-Dev. Work: Development of reproduction biotechniques for improvement of farm animal fertility
  5. 123-C(a)-VCL-1-Dev. Work: Strengthening of Veterinary College Central Laboratory
  6. 124-C(a)-VCL-2-Dev. Work: Etiology and diagnosis of mastitis and infectious abortion in animals
  7. 125-C(a)-VPHE-1-Dev. Work: Surveillance and monitoring of economically important diseases of livestock and poultry
  8. 126-C(a)-VPHE-2-Dev. Work: Epidemiology of infectious and toxic disease conditions of livestock and poultry in different regions of Haryana
  9. 127-C(a)-VPHE-3-Dev. Work: Safety aspects of foods of animal origin
  10. 128-C(a)-VPT-1-Dev. Work: Pathological investigations of the diseases affecting various systems of poultry
  11. 129-C(a)-VPT-2-Dev. Work: Pathological studies of various infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals
  12. 130-C(a)-TVCC(Karnal)-1-Dev. Work: Studies on dysfunctions of intestines in animals and their management
  13. 131-C(a)-TVCC-2-Dev. Work: Studies on incidence, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in animals
  14. 132-C(a)-VAH-1-Dev. Work: Gross, light and electron microscopic studies on the different body systems in ruminants and pigs
  15. 133-C(a)-VPB-1-Dev. Work: Biochemical changes in health and disease
  16. 134-C(a)-VPB-2-Dev. Work: Studies on digestive physiology of ruminants
  17. 135-C(a)-VPB-3-Dev. Work: Role of supplements in improving the quality of frozen semen of Murrah buffalo bulls
  18. 136-C(a)-VPB-4-Dev. Work: Physiological investigations for augmenting reproduction and production in farm livestock and poultry.
  19. 137-C(a)-VCM-1-Dev. Work: Investigation on infectious and non- infectious diseases of animals.
  20. 138-C(a)-VMI-Dev. Work: Studies on infection and immunity in relation to haemorrhagic septicemia and bluetongue diseases
  21. 139-C(a)-VPS-1-Dev. Work: Studies on epidemiology patho-biology & integrated management of animal and poultry parasites.
  22. 140-C(a)VPTX-1-Dev. Work: Pharmacological and toxicological studies of newer drugs, herbals and agrochemicals in animals and poultry
  23. 141-C(a)-VSR-1- Dev. Work: Studies on management of surgical disorders in domestic animals
  24. 142-C(a)-VUK-1-Dev. Work: Establishment of Veterinary Unit at RRS, Uchani, Karnal
  25. 143-C(a)-AGB-1-Dev. Work: Genetic improvement of Jakhrana goat for prolificacy and mutton production
  26. 144-C(a)-AGB-2-Dev. Work: Establishment of an elite herd of Sahiwal cattle for conservation, genetic improvement and dissemination
  27. 145-C(a)-AGB-3-Dev. Work: In situ Conservation of Munjal and Nali sheep for genetic improvement and dissemination
  28. 146-C(a)-AGB-4-Dev. Work: Genetic improvement in poultry and different species of livestock
  29. 147-C(a)-AN-1-Dev. Work: Economic quality feed manufacturing for ruminants and poultry
  30. 148-C(a)-AN-2-Dev. Work: Nutritional studies in livestock & poultry
  31. 149-C(a)-AN-3-Dev. Work: Amelioration of mineral deficiency/toxicity in livestock of Haryana state
  32. 150-C(a)-LPM-2-Dev. Work: Strengthening of Buffalo Research Centre
  33. 151-C(a)-LPM-3-Dev. Work: Quantification of management practices for livestock and poultry
  34. 152-C(a)-LPT-2-Dev. Work: Studies on Indian milk products and training thereon
  35. 153-C(a)-LPT-3-Dev. Work: Standardization of processing technology for meat and poultry products
  36. 161-C(a)-RVDEC-1-Dev. Work: Establishment of Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra at, Riwasa (Mahendergarh)
  37. 162- Establishment of Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra at Uchani, Karnal

Non Development Schemes

  1. 07-C (a)-Dtr.-1-Non-Dev. Work: Directorate of Research
  2. 08-C(a)-AGB-1-Non-Dev. Work: Conservation and genetic improvement of indigenous livestock breeds
  3. 09-C(a)-VEPM-1-Non-Dev. Work: Research and referral laboratory at Hisar
  4. 15-C(a)-DTR-1-HPVK-1-Non-Dev. Work: Establishment of Haryana PashuVigyan Kendra of LUVAS at Riwasa, Mahendergarh.
  5. 16-C(a)-DTR-1-HPVK-2-Non-Dev.Work: Establishment of Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra of LUVAS at Uchani, Karnal.