About College of Dairy Science and Technology (CoDST)

Dr. Sajjan Sihag
LUVAS, Hisar


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The College of Dairy Science and Technology (CoDST) was established in 2014 as a part of Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (LUVAS) in Haryana, India. The primary objective of the college is to strengthen the dairy production and processing sector in the state and develop highly professional dairy specialists through value-based education, research, and training in the field of Dairy Science and Technology.

To achieve its mission, CODST has set the following objectives:

Teaching Programs: The College offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Dairy Sciences and Dairy Technology to develop a skilled human resource for the dairy sector.

Research: CODST conducts research in new areas of milk processing technologies to contribute to scientific advancements and innovation in the field.

Training and Consultancy: The College organizes training programs and consultancy services to disseminate scientific knowledge and practical skills in milk processing technologies to the end-users. It also formulates package practices in this area.

To fulfill these objectives, CODST has implemented a three-tier dairy educational system, which includes:

Bachelor and Master Level Degree Programs: The College offers a 4-year undergraduate program and 2-year Maters program leading to a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree in Dairy Technology and Master Degree in various disciplines. The curriculum for this program is prepared in line with the recommendations of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

The college currently consists of five departments:

  • Dairy Technology
  • Dairy Engineering
  • Dairy Chemistry
  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Dairy Business Management

It is worth mentioning that the college may introduce additional courses in the future as the infrastructure and resources are further developed. This include:

Diploma Level Programs: CODST may provides a two-year Diploma in Dairy Technology after 10+2 (PCM) for students interested in pursuing a specialized course in Dairy Technology.

Certificate Courses / Specialized Courses: The College may offers certificate courses under vocational programs aimed at entrepreneurs interested in establishing small-scale milk processing units. Specialized courses may also provide for trainees from various disciplines, milk producers, and officials from milk processing plants. These courses cover areas such as, Indigenous Milk Products, Value-Added/Export-Oriented Dairy Products, Dairy Plant Operation, Dairy Laboratory Analysis, Dairy Business Management and Dairy Plant Maintenance.