ADSW General

General activities wing of the directorate of student’s welfare, LUVAS is entrusted with the responsibility to foster cultural and co-curricular activities among the students with the vision and objective of nourishing the skills of the students in the field of art and culture by providing them with the opportunities and platform for the same.   Cultural, art and literary activities help students acquire new skills thereby promote team work and leadership qualities in them. Such activities build self confidence and provide an outlet for making creative choices and thinking new ideas. These activities are aimed at searching, promoting and cultivating the talents in students by training them in public speech. Likewise, theatre education is vital for overall development of youth. These activities are fun at the same time help building risk taking abilities, developing trust and social awareness among youth.

ADSW General

Dr. Divya Agnihotri
Associate Professor, Deptt. of Veterinary Clinical Complex,



Dr. Deepika
Associate Professor, Deptt. of Veterinary Pathology, COVS, LUVAS, Hisar

Dr. Archana Lohiya
Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Aman Dev Moudgil
Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Veterinary Parasitology

Domain of General Activities

1. Cultural activities: Music and Dance

        Objectives of cultural activities:

    • To promote teacher taught relationship.
    • Cultural activities cultivates knowledge, recognises and promote talents of the students and provides them a platform to showcase their skills , creativity and competence at University, State, National and International levels.
    • These activities help in student’s professional and personal growth.

2. Literary activities: Debate, Declamation, Speech, Quiz, Extempore

         Objectives of literary activities:

    • Aims at searching, promoting, cultivating and developing the talent in students by training them in public speech.
    • Increases general knowledge and know how of current affairs.
    • Build up confidence and grooms the personality of students. 

3. Theatre activities: Skit, mime play and mono acting

         Objectives of activities:

    • To make students work together as a team,
    • Improving thinking and learning abilities 

4. Fine arts: Rangoli making, clay modeling, cartooning, collage making, painting and photography.

         Objectives of activities:

    • To provide opportunities for students to compete in various art activities and photography competitions at university, state, national and global level.
    • To showcase their talents simultaneously expressing their thoughts by means of fine arts.