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Sh. Surender Kumar
LUVAS, Hisar

Phone: 01662-272010 (O); 01662-256067 (EPABX)
E-Mail : comptroller@luvas.edu.in


The comptroller is a whole-time officer of the University. He manages financial and investment affairs of the University and renders advice from time to time in respect of the financial matters. He is responsible for the preparation and presentation of the budget of the University and ensures that no expenditure is incurred in the University without a provision for the same in the budget. He is also responsible for preparation and finalization of the University accounts and to get the accounts audited as well. Comptroller is ex-officio member of the Finance Committee of the University. He ensures that all the income and fees of the University is realized and deposited in the bank in time. Besides, Comptroller is the Controlling Officer of the Store Purchase Organization, University Library and HKRNL Cell.