PG Proforma

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PG-1 Form For Recommendation of Advisory Committee
PG-2 Programme of Work For Postgraduate Studies
PG-3 Synopsis of Thesis/Dissertation Problem of Post-Graduate Student M.V.Sc./Ph.D.
PG-4 Certificate of Preliminary Written Examination Ph.D.
PG-5A Proforma For Recommending Panel External Examiners For Preliminary Oral Examination Of Ph.D Students
PG-5B Proforma For Recommending Panel Of External Examiners for thesis evaluation/Final Oral Examination
PG-6 Certificate of Preliminary Examination Ph.D.
PG-7 Certificate From The Head Of The Department To Accompany Examining Committee’s Report On The Preliminary Examination Or The Final Examination Of A Post-Graduate Student
PG-8 Thesis Seminar Certificate
PG-9 Proforma For Submission Of Thesis/Disseration
PG-10 Certificate of Dissertation and Oral Examination M.V.Sc./Ph.D