About Department

The Department of Animal Biotechnology was established in year 2003. Since then the department is working on various aspects of Animal Biotechnology aiming to the betterment of animal and poultry health. Presently, broad areas of research interest addressed by the Department are the Molecular Diagnostics, Reproductive Biotechnology and Animal Genomics. Under molecular diagnostics, the department has achieved several milestones through development of various molecular diagnostics platforms for livestock and poultry pathogens. Apart from this, the department is also engaged in livestock breed characterization studies and identifying methods for rapid and early pregnancy diagnosis for farm animals.

The Department has so far developed broad range of nucleic acid based diagnostic assays using conventional PCR, real time PCR, LAMP, RPA and Multiplex luminex based diagnostic methods. Testing of various pathogens of livestock and poultry are being carried out in the department under self-finance scheme. The department provides a sample screening service on commercial basis to organized farmers, various government and non-government organizations.    

This department was ranked A grade by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India on Human Resources Development for Master of Veterinary Sciences (M.V.Sc) in Animal Biotechnology course. The department under self-financing scheme conducts two hands on experience trainings every year. The training also provides skill development opportunities to participants in field of molecular biology. Currently department has state of art facilities of MiSeq NGS, Fragment analyzer, Sanger sequencer, MAGPIX luminex system, peptide synthesizer.

S.No. Degree Programme No of seats
1 M.V.Sc. 5
2 Ph.D 3