Dairy Business Management

About Department

Department of Dairy Business Management is a multidisciplinary department with faculty from the fields of Dairy Economics, Dairy Extension and Business Management. The department aims to provide an enabling environment for the students to develop their skills in field of entrepreneurship, research analysis, communication, and overall personality development. Basic knowledge of computer with practical is also focused on. The department is also conducting research in the areas related to dairy economics, extension, and business management.

Head of the Department:

Dr. Sajjan Sihag

Phone: +91-9416355474 (M)

E- mail: sihagsajjan54@gmail.com


Name of faculty member Designation Details
Dr. Sharanagouda B. Professor & Head  
Dr. Rachna Assistant Professor Click here
Dr. Sumit Mahajan Assistant Professor Click here
Dr. Satish Jangra Assistant Professor  

Supporting Staff

Sr. No. Name of staff member Designation Mobile No.
1. Sh. Mandeep Verma Clerk 9588717769
2. Sh. Amit Kumar Laboratory Technician 8950004449

Courses Offered

S.No. Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
B.Tech.(DT) 1st Year
1.         DBM-111 Milk Production Management and Dairy Development 2+1
2.         DBM-112 Communication Skills and Personality Development 1+1
3.         DBM-113 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management 3+0
4.         DBM-121 Economic Analysis, Marketing Management, and International Trade 2+1
5.         DBM-122 Computer and Application Software Packages 1+1
6.         EL-122 Technology Management 2+0
B.Tech.(DT) 2nd Year
1.         DBM-211 Entrepreneurship Development, Business Management and Industrial Consultancy 2+1
2.         DBM-221 Fundamentals of Dairy Extension 2+1
B.Tech.(DT) 3rd Year
1.         DBM-311 Information and Communication Technology in dairy Industry and Agri-Informatics 2+1
2.         DBM-312 Industrial Statistics 1+1
3.         DBM-321 Operations Research 1+1
B.Tech.(DT) 4th Year
1.         DBM-421 Financial Management & Cost Accounting  3+1


State schemes, ongoing and completed projects
Completed projects

  1. A Study on Choice of Availing Veterinary Services in India.
  2. Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Contribution of Milk and Milk Products in India

Infrastructure Available


  1. Dr. Sumit Mahajan awarded First Prize in Best Paper Award Indian Dairy Association for paper published in Indian Journal of Dairy Science at 49th Dairy Industry Conference held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat from 16-18th March, 2023.
  2. Dr. Sumit Mahajan awarded Best Oral Presentation during Regional Conference on “Specialty Agriculture in the Context of Farm Economy of Himalayan Region” organized by SKUAST-Jammu in collaboration with Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Mumbai SKUAST-J from September 21-22nd, 2022.