Establishment Branch



The Establishment Branch deals following works related to Non-teaching staff of the University:

  • Promotion and Transfer/Adjustment of Non-teaching staff for which Registrar is appointing authority.
  • ACP Cases of Ministerial Staff.
  • Best Worker Award.
  • CM Window cases, RTI, Court Cases related to Non-teaching Staff.
  • Departmental Examinations for Ministerial Staff.
  • LUVASNTEA (Non-teaching Association) meetings and proceedings.
  • Creation of posts.
  • Preparation/Amendments of Statutes and any other rule Books of the University.
  • Review/Approval of Qualifications of Ministerial Staff.
  • Deputation cases.
  • Compassionate Financial assistance/appointment cases.
  • Preparation of identity card of Teaching/Non-teaching.
  • Cases related to disciplinary proceeding/Departmental Enquiry related to Ministerial Staff.
  • Line of Promotion of Ministerial Staff.