State schemes, ongoing and completed projects

Ongoing Outside Funded Projects

  • Livestock Health and Disease Control Programme on FMD “Foot-and Mouth Disease - Hisar Centre" funded by ICAR
  • Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Veterinary Microbiology Sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi (Since 1995)
  • Implementation of HS + FMD Dual Vaccine in the State of Haryana under RKVY
  • Production and applications of bovine interleukin-17 and anti IL-17 monoclonal antibodies funded by ICAR
  • Production and characterization of FMDV specific Nbs for application as diagnostic reagents funded by HSCSIT, Haryana
  • Comparative Studies on Post-vaccinalHumoral Immune Response in FMD+HS combined, FMD alone and HS alone Vaccinated Buffalo Calves at SCBP, Sector-II, Hisar” funded by ICAR

Ongoing State Funded Projects

  1. Studies on Infection and Immunity Against Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Completed Projects

Sr. No. Title of the project Funding agency
1 Studies on Salmonella Infections in Domestic Animals and Birds USAID (PL-480)
2 Research on Salmonellosis ICAR, New Delhi
3 Studies on Equine Rhinopneumonitis Virus (EHV-1). ICAR, New Delhi
4 Studies on Enteroviruses of Goats and Sheep in Relation to Diarrhoea and Pneumonia. (National Fellow Scheme) ICAR, New Delhi
5 Molecular Biochemistry and Immunology of Salmonella Associated Diarrhoea. (National Fellow Scheme) ICAR, New Delhi
6 Studies on Some Aspects of Viral Diarrhoea in Cattle and Buffalo Neonatal Calves. (National Fellow Scheme) ICAR, New Delhi
8 Enterobacteriacae and Other Diarrhoea Producing Bacteria with Special Reference to their Studies on Determinants of Pathogenicity and Immunity. ICAR, New Delhi
9 Studies on Animal Pox Group of Viruses with Special Reference to Production of Vaccine Against Sheep Pox Virus. Haryana State
10 Studies on Bluetongue Virus Infection in Livestock. Haryana State
11 Studies on Viral Etiology of Respiratory Infections in Bovines. Haryana State
12 Immunobiology of Important Farm Animals. Haryana State
13 Studies on Chronic Respiratory Diseases of Poultry with Special Reference to the Development of Suitable Diagnostic Antigen and Vaccine for Immunization. Haryana State
14 Epidemiology and Immunobiology of Bluetongue Virus. USAID (PL-480)
15 Development of Immunodiagnostics Against Sheep Pox using Monoclonal Antibodies. Indo-USSR
16 Immunity and Monoclonal Antibodies Against EHV-1. UGC, New Delhi
17 Development of a Monoclonal Antibody and Outer Membrane Protein(s) based ELISA Kit for Monitoring Immune Status of Animals Vaccinated Against Hemorrhagic Septicemia.  DBT, GOI, New Delhi
18 Characterization of Virulence Factors Associated with Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli Isolated from Respiratory Disease Complex. UGC, New Delhi
19 Production of Phage Display Library of Single-Domain Antibodies of LPS-Immunized Indian Desert Camel for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Use. DBT, GOI, New Delhi
20 Peste des Petit Ruminants in Goats and Sheep HLDB,Chandigarh
21 Production and Use of a Diagnostic Kit for “Surra” Caused by Trypanosoma evansi in Various Animal Species RKVY, SLFC, Haryana Govt.
22 Control of Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) in Cattle and Buffaloes in the State of Haryana. RKVY, SLFC, Haryana Govt.
23 Development of a Therapeutic Antibody as a Drug for Treatment of Endotoxemia in Domestic Animals RKVY, SLFC, Haryana Govt.
24 Socio-economic Impact of FMD Control in India ICAR, New Delhi
25 Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme ICAR, New Delhi
26 Niche Area of Excellence (NAE) Project on “Phage Display Techniques for Production of Veterinary Immunobiologicals without Sacrificing Animals” ICAR, New Delhi
27 Treatment of Endotoxaemia in buffalo calves by single domain antibody RKVY, SLSC, Haryana
28 Establishment of Molecular Diagnostic Facilities and Strengthening of Sero-monitoring Activities for Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia and Brucellosis in Haryana RKVY, SLSC, Haryana
29 Epidemiological Studies on pathogens associated with swine mortality and socio-economic upliftment of scheduled caste Pig farmers RKVY-RAFTAAR, Haryana
30 Establishment of Immunohistochemical laboratory and strengthening of Immunotechnology laboratory for diagnosis of diseases of animals and poultry RKVY, Haryana
31 Production and Diagnostic Applications of Immuno-biologicals for Infectious Diseases of Livestock
ICAR Emeritus Scientist Scheme
32 Release of funds for SCSP activities ICAR, New Delhi

Technologies/ Products developed

  1. ELISA Kit for Monitoring HS Immunity in Cattle and Buffaloes
  2. Monoclonal Antibody Based Latex Agglutination Test for HS Diagnosis (Patent filed vide application no. 767/DEL/2015 dated March 20,2015)
  3. DIVA test (3A-NSP antigen based ELISA) as per OIE protocol in collaboration with FreidrichLoeffler Institute, Greifswald, InselRiems, Germany for differentiation of FMD infected and vaccinated animals (DIVA strategy).
  4. Monoclonal Antibody Specific to Trypanosoma evansi Circulating Antigen Produced by Hybridoma Technology. [Displayed as commercializable technology by Business Planning & Development Project (ICAR), CCSHAU/LLRUVAS, Hisar]
  5. Phage Display Library of >107 Single-domain Antibodies of Lipopolysaccharide Immunized Indian Desert Camel. [Deposited in VTCC, NRCE, Hisar]
  6. Single-domain Antibody Clones Specific to E. coli Endotoxin Selected from Phage Display Library of Indian Desert Camel. [Deposited in VTCC, NRCE, Hisar]
  7. Single-domain Antibody Clones Specific to Staphylococcus aureus Beta-hemolysin Selected from Phage Display Library of Indian Desert Camel. [Deposited in VTCC, NRCE, Hisar]
  8. Silver Impregnated Polyacrylamide Gels for Topical Applications. [Singh, A. 2011. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 119 (2): 1084-1089]
  9. Developed Four Important Hybridoma Clones Secreting Monoclonal Antibodies: Buffalo specific Antibody, Antibody Cross Reacting with Cattle and Buffalo Serum, Agglutinating Anti Pasteurella multocida Antibody and P.multocida B;2 Specific Antibody
  10. Developed a Monoclonal Antibody Based ELISA for Monitoring HS Immunity Levels in Cattle and Buffaloes. {The test is being regularly used, since 2006, to monitor HS immunity status in cattle and buffaloes of the Haryana state}
  11. Developed a Monoclonal Antibody Based ELISA and a Latex Agglutination Test for HS Diagnosis
  12. On the basis of data generated by the Scientists of the Department, the Government of India has permitted Government of Haryana to vaccinate the Cattle and Buffaloes with Combined HS + FMD vaccine under NADCP as pilot project
  13. One Week Training on “Phage Display Technology and its Applications” from March 02-07, 2020 under ICAR Niche Area of Excellence project.
  14. Four trainings, each training of five days on “Skill development in animal health for scheduled caste livestock farmers” from 21st-25th March 2022 (three trainings) and 26th-30th March 2022 (one training) under SCSP, DFMD-ICAR.

Innovations in Teaching:

  1. Practical manuals prepared for all the UG courses
  2. Book on ‘Fundamental techniques in Immunology & Serology’ published from India and ‘Insight into influenza viruses of animals and humans’ published by Springer International publishers, Switzerland have been published.
  3. Contributed to a large number of book chapters published from India and Abroad
  4. Revision, reorganization & devising of All India common PG courses for MVSc and PhD as directed by ICAR 2008
  5. Revision, reorganization & devising of All India common UG courses for BVSc & AH as directed by Veterinary Council of India MSVE 2016.
  6. Organised 35 training courses for the faculty of SAUs/ SVASUs/ and ICAR institutes since 1995 under the aegis of the ICAR-CAFT.