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The Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (LUVAS) is envisaged to be a global center of educational excellence in the field of veterinary science and animal husbandry. LUVAS has been engaged in capacity building of personnel in the animal health care sector at all levels, starting from supporting staff and veterinary surgeons to highly specialized researchers. The higher education imparted is learner-centric and anchored in research and innovation. It is guided by outstanding faculty alongwith national and international academic partnerships.
Our University has rich and glorious past. It is replete with numerous examples where its alumni have excelled as academicians, researchers, administrators, army personals and bankers. When our University was carved out of CCS HAU, Hisar, it was at crossroads. Vision and hard work of my predecessors, was able to push its movement from trot to canter. Our University is among top Veterinary Universities of India. 
Animal Husbandry is emerging as main contributor to livelihood of small and marginal farmers of Haryana. We are blessed with the privilege of treating and managing the voiceless creatures. We must be empathetic towards animals and have a sense of dedication and urgency in their treatment. Loss of even one productive animal of farmer, breaks him financially and he is entrapped in conundrum of loans and repayments.
We are fortunate to have very disciplined student community, a fact which is very appreciable. They are the reflection of our University, as it is the Veterinarian who is directly involved with farmers. I urge them to work with commitment and conduct themselves in a way befitting to the image of the University. They should channelize their energy and must be engaged in sports activities as it inculcates sense of cooperation, team work and confidence besides providing physical strength and agility. These attributes are utmost to a Veterinarian.
We have very good strength of young and talented faculty. Due to their continuous efforts in staying abreast with latest development in Veterinary and Animal sciences, we are able to produce one of the best Veterinarians in India. 
I will also like to appreciate our committed non-teaching staff. On many occasions, I have noticed them working way beyond office hours and even during holidays. 
One aspect which is very near to my heart is e-governance. It is application of information and communication technology for exchange of information, communication transactions and integration of services between various branches of governance. Our progress in this area has been tremendously appreciated by the Govt. of Haryana. I urge everyone to whole heartedly and completely switch over to e-governance from traditional method of governance. 
I see myself more of a facilitator rather than an administrator and I am always open for constructive suggestions in the interest of the University.  My heart and doors are open for each member of this family for any kind of grievances which I assure will be addressed to, within the statutory provisions.
Let us join hands together, be loyal to our institute and work with heightened sense of devotion to fulfill our dream of taking our University at the top, not only in India but in the world. 
Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma