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Research Projects
Research project in operation 
137 c(a) VMD-1 Plan Vety.: “Investigation on infectious and non- infectious diseases of animals”. 

1) To test the efficacy of various drugs in treatment of mastitis.
2) To study the pathogenesis of infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals.
3) To evolve effective therapeutic regimes for infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals.

Institutional Project (2020-22)

508/AIP/VMD/Dev. Work: Institution and evaluation of selective dry cow therapy with or without trace minerals supplementation in control of bovine mastitis at LUVAS Cattle farm

PI & Associates: Dr. Ricky Jhambh (PI), Dr. Gaurav Charaya (Co-PI) and Dr. C.S. Patil, AGB (Co-PI)

RKVY Project (2021-23)

4073 (PFMS) C (g) RKVY RAFTAAR: Strengthening of diagnostic and research facilities for infectious and non infectious diseases in dairy animals

PI & Associates: Dr. Yudhbir Singh (PI), Dr. Gaurav Charaya (Co-PI)