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Quality mineral mixture for Cattle and Poultry is being manufactured by the Department and is available for sale.

Feed and fodder samples received from livestock owners, feed industry and other organizations, are analyzed on nominal fees for proximate analysis including that of calcium and phosphorus contents as prescribed by the University to help farmers/entrepreneurs to get maximum return from livestock. Interested persons may send their feed and fodder samples with Bank draft for getting the analytical report.

Extension is an important domain of the department. This department is engaged in imparting technical knowledge regarding balanced and economic feeding of animals to livestock owner, pig and poultry farmers for efficient animal production through training program, Kisan Mela and TV/Radio talks. Farmers are advised regarding nutritional disorders, and nutritional management during drought and floods. There is also active participation through mass media, TV/radio talk, farmers fair etc. Trainings of seven days duration each (twice a year) are being organized for unemployed scheduled class youth of Haryana state on “Importance of balanced ration and mineral mixture in livestock and poultry production”. Participants are acquainted with various aspects of feeding, ration and mineral mixture formulation, and manufacturing, processing of feed ingredients for better utilization, improvement of poor quality roughages etc. for entrepreneurship.