Infrastructure Available

  1. Lecture Room:One lecture room with seating capacity of 70 students for UG teaching.
  1. Smart Class room: One smart class room with seating capacity of 30 students for UG Practical and PG/Ph.D teaching.
  2. Departmental Library: one departmental library with books on different aspects of Livestock Production Management for PG/Ph.D students and Faculty members.
  3. Laboratory:One Lab under specialized purpose.The lab is equipped with Automatic Milk Analyser to determine the milk quality mik fat%, protein %, lactose%, CLR etc. It alsohas the facility for determining the animal feed quality e.g. DM, protein content, ether extract etc. and Somatic cells in milk can be counted.Besides this, there isfacility for storing the samples, pH, centrifugation etc. is also present in laboratory.
  4. Farm Facilities: one Buffalo farm for hands on training to UG students and for research purpose. Experimental shed for research on Poultry production and management. Duck, Turkey, and Quailunit for academic purpose.
  5. Other Instructional Units: One Committee room with LCD for seminar, discussion etc.