Buffalo Farm


The Buffalo farm started functioning from December, 1968 under Department of Livestock Production Management and is playing a vital role for training young men and women in the scientific management of herd, to equip them for self- employment, to adopt livestock husbandry as profession, to become inquisitive and seek truth through research and production of livestock to make them good salesmen of the latest findings to the farmers. Since 1993, the buffalo farm is involved in Network Project on Buffalo Improvement (ICAR + state funded) for Improvement of Murrah buffalo through progeny testing programme by NWP. The buffalo farm is maintaining the data through advanced Livestock record keeping software.

Focus of Buffalo Farm :

It mainly focuses on several aspects of buffalo farming, including improving milk production, improving reproductive efficiency, developing health management strategies and promoting sustainable buffalo farming practices. The farm work towards developing and disseminating advanced technologies and knowledge to benefit buffalo farmers and the livestock industry as a whole.

Education and Training:
The farm provides hands-on training and On-farm-practical teaching regarding Handling & Restraining, Identification, Judging, Milking, Feeding, Reproduction, Shelter, Labour Management, Management of calf, heifer, milch animals and other categories.

Research: Conducting innovative applied research in the area of Buffalo Production Management
Demonstration and Extension: The buffalo farm serves as a demonstration unit in buffalo production and management to farmers, stakeholders and the general public. It conducts training programs and field visits to disseminate knowledge and promote improved livestock management practices.

Conservation: The Buffalo farm is involved in the conservation and preservation of Murrah buffalo.

Supply of germplasm to farmers/panchayat for breed improvement : Supply of improved germ plasma of Murrah Buffalo Bull to panchayats at the cost of 50% of book value and auction of surplus animals through open auction.