Website Management Committee

1 Dr. Gulshan Narang (Dean, COVS, LUVAS) Chairman-cum-Controlling Officer
2 Dr. Dinesh Mittal (Assistant Professor, VPHE) Secretary-cum-Working Incharge  
3 Dr. Sumit Mahajan (Assistant Professor, DBM, CODST) Member
4 Dr. Poonam Ratwan (Scientist, AGB) Member
5 Dr. Preeti Bagri (Scientist, VPTX) Member
6 Dr. Neha Thakur (Assistant Professor, LPT) Member
7 Dr. Sneh Lata Chauhan (Scientist, VPHE) Member
8 Dr. Gaurav Charaya (Assistant Professor, VMD) Member

The University Website Management Committee constituted to look after the day to day work of University website by the Worthy Vice- Chancellor vide Green Sheet No. TV/LUVAS/378/ 14412/ 2021-22 dated 18.8.2021 has been reconstituted by the Worthy Vice-Chancellor vide Green sheet No. PA/LUVAS/325/19042/2022-2023 dt.09.09.2022.

Secretary-cum-Working Incharge will perform all the necessary updates of home page content and maintain the aesthetic look of the website. He will also manage the email system, AMC, website hosting, SSL certification and domain name related payment process to website service provider i.e. M/s iNET Business Hub as well as conduct of committee meetings. The faculty members mentioned at Sr. No. 2 to 8 will look after the assigned work in addition to their own duties.

Members will update the contents of various webpages from time to time as assigned to them by the working Incharge.