State schemes, ongoing and completed projects

State plan

  1. 152-C(a) LPT-2 Plan Vety)
    Studies of Indian Milk Products and Training Thereof
  1. 153- C (a) LPT-3 Plan Vety
    Standardization of Processing Technology for Meat and Poultry Products
  1. 115 B-1 (g) NP Vety”
    Training on Milk and milk products processing to SC youth of Haryana
  1. 116 B-1 (g) NP Vety”
    Meat and poultry products training to SC youth of Haryana
  1. SF – 37
    Milk Supply Scheme

Research Schemes completed (Externally funded project)

  • Studies on the preservation, packaging, transportation and marketing of duck eggs.
  • Studies on proper utilization of unproductive and culled poultry including poultry industry waste for better economic returns
  • Pilot Plant studies on manufacturing meat and poultry products
  • Quantitative and qualitative changes in poultry products due to input, processing and output variables during manufacture of poultry products
  • Studies on modified atmosphere packaging technology and natural antioxidants to improve the quality of meat and meat products
  • Study on development of dietary fibre enriched designer meat products.
  • Strengthening/modernization of facilities for manufacturing of indigenous milk products and entrepreneurship programmes on value added safe and wholesome milk products to rural women/high-tech dairy farmers/youth in Haryana
  • Production and processing of meat and dairy products under Experiential Learning Programme for setting up of facilities for hands-on training.