Disease Free Small Animal House

About Department

The Disease Free Small Animal House is a unique facility which was established in 1974-75 and is engaged in raising different species of laboratory animals viz. Albino Mice (Swiss), Albino Rats (Wistar), Hamster (Golden Syrian), Guinea pigs (Duncan Hartley) and Rabbits (New Zealand white) for biological research and teaching purpose. This Animal House is registered with Committee For the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Government of India, Animal Welfare Division vide Registration No.1669/GO/abc/12/CPCSEA Dated 8.4.2013 and supplying quality animals on payment basis to various outside institutions, after meeting the internal demand of various departments of this University.

Thrust Area : Production & Management of Laboratory Animals for Research and Teaching Purposes.

Contact: 01662 256116
Dr. Rajesh Khurana
Principal Scientist (VPHE) cum
In-charge, DFSAH 
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Dr. Rajesh Khurana Principal Scientist and Incharge  


Supporting Staff

Lab/Field Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Sh. Ravi VLDA
2. Sh. Prem Singh Lab Technician
3. Sh. Daya Nand Foreman (Ref. & A.C)
4. Sh. Sunil Kasnia Lab Attendant
5. Sh. Jagat Ram Animal Attendant
6. Sh. Jeet Lal Animal Attendant
7. Sh. Ram Niwas Animal Attendant
8. Sh. Anil Animal Attendant


Ministerial Staff

Sr. No.  Name Designation
1.  Sh. Ashok Sharma Assistant
2. Smt. Lalita Devi Messenger



Major Achievements

Animal house is maintaining the same germ-plasm of rats , mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits since 1975 and earning annual income of more than 13.0 lakh rupees.


Rates of laboratory animals w. e. f. 01.06.2015 for CCS HAU and out side Government and Private Institutions are as follows :
Sr. No. Animal Species Rates for internal Depts. Of LUVAS and outside Government Institutions (Rs. Per animal) Rates for outside private institutions (Rs. Per animal)
1. Mice(Swiss albino) 90/- 120/-
2. Rats (wister, albino) 150/- 250/-
3. Hamsters (Syrian, golden) 200/- 300/-
4. Guinea pigs (Duncan hartley) 400/- 600/-
5. Rabbits (new Zealand, white) 1000/- 1500/-

Notes :
  1. The animals in advance stage of pregnancy/mothers with babies will be charged triple of the above mentioned rates.
  2. The rates are net, each animal, ex-animal house, for either sex.
  3. Only the surplus animals are to be supplied to out side institutions, after meeting the entire demand of the internal departments of this university.

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