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The Public Relations Office is the face through which the rest of the country recognizes the LUVAS. It is through this office that the image of this historic institution is projected not only in the country but throughout the world.

The Public Relation Office of the University is engaged in disseminating the information of the university related to policies and programmes implemented as well as research achievements of public interest for all the citizens through print and electronic media. 

Promoting LUVAS as a brand to be a leading and vibrant institution of excellence in teaching, research and innovation to achieve the national goals of a self-reliant, technologically strong and modern India and build an integrated modern system of education, in accordance with the National Education Policy for sustainable development of society and better future for all.

To disseminate information to the public on the policies, programmes and developmental activities of the LUVAS for the welfare of people at large.

To take the feedback about such developments from all the people and inform the University administration about the same.
To develop and strengthen a healthy, positive and productive relationship with the electronic /print / Digital /Social Media in order to garner their support for the most positive portrayal of the University.


  • Sh. Amit Kumar
  • Sh. Sahil Kumar
  • Sh. Sunil Kumar

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