Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology

About Department

The Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology established in 1978 and is engaged in teaching, research and extension activities which include teaching of three (3) under-graduate and twenty five (25) post-graduate courses besides two diploma courses. Research activities broadly include Public Health (food hygiene, zoonoses and environmental hygiene) and Epidemiology (animal & poultry disease investigations), and lot of farmers visit department daily for disease diagnosis/investigation in poultry flocks, sheep flocks and cattle herds. Outbreaks throughout the state in different spp. are investigated and control and preventive measures are suggested for their containment. Disease Investigation Laboratories of the department also exist at six districts of the state, where field Veterinarians send samples or farmers bring cases/samples for disease diagnosis for mastitis, fecal examination, blood examination, antibiotic sensitivity testing, poultry D. I., outbreak investigation etc.. Extension activities are aimed at diagnostic and advisory services to farmers of Haryana, veterinary public health orientation and active participation in different trainings of farmers. Facilities are available on nominal charges for bacteriological testing of drinking water and adulteration of milk/synthetic milk/aflatoxin testing in feeds/grains and TB/JD screening of herds.

Research Projects
Department currently has having two RKVY projects, one non plan and five state plan projects. In addition, two national projects (one each from ICAR and DBT) have also been approved. Facilities have been created for molecular diagnosis of diseases, pesticide residue analysis in animal products and a food safety laboratory is being established. Regional Veterinary Diagnostic and Extension Centre of LUVAS have been established at Uchani, Karnal and Riwasa , Mahendergarh to provide specialized diagnostic services to livestock.

Disease Investigation Laboratories at outstations/K.V.Ks.
Ambala Bhiwani Jind Mahendergarh Rohtak Sirsa

Facilities available at these laboratories for disease outbreak investigation in livestock poultry, analysis of milk/faecal/ blood samples, advice on prevention and control of diseases.

Head of the Department :



Dr. Rajesh Khurana
Phone (O): 01662-256106
Fax : 01662-284312





Dr. Naresh Jindal Professor (Presently Director of Research LUVAS) View Details
Dr. Rajesh Khurana Professor View Details
Dr. Vijay J. Jadhav Professor View Details
Dr. Renu Gupta Sr. Disease Investigation Officer View Details
Dr. Dinesh Mittal Associate Professor View Details
Dr. Vandana Bhanot Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Ambala View Details
Dr.P.S. Cheema Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Sirsa, View Details
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Hisar View Details
Dr. Chandratre Gauri Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Jind View Details
Dr. Pallavi Moudgil Scientist View Details
Dr. Anand Prakash Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Bhiwani View Details
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Rohtak View Details
Dr. Manesh Kumar Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Rahul Yadav Scientist (Additional Charge DI Laboratory, Mahendergarh) View Details
Dr. Jinu Manoj Disease Investigation Officer, D. I. Laboratory, Hisar (Working in Collage Central Laboratory) View Details

Main laboratories in the department:-

  1. Disease Investigation laboratory with molecular diagnostic facilities of real time PCR, PCR, ELISA etc. for livestock and poultry.
  2. Toxicology Laboratory with facilities for analysis of samples for toxic conditions, aflatoxins in feeds/ingredients, Gas Chromatograph with ECD and NPD detectors for pesticide residues.
  3. Food Safety Laboratory with facilities for food borne pathogen detection such as Real time PCR, VITEK and TEMPO system as well as HPLC system for antibiotic residue etc.
  4. Environmental Hygiene Laboratory with facilities for testing of water samples for suitability for drinking for human/ animal consumption.

Supporting staff posted at Hisar

Mr. Parveen Kumar Assistant 
Mr. Amit Kumar  Clerk
Mrs. Santosh Kumari Clerk
Mr. Sunil Kansal Lab Technician
Mr. Dharambir Lab Technician
Mr. Pala Ram Lab Technician
Mr. Surender Singh Lab Technician
Mr. Arjun Dev Lab Assistant
Mr. Prem Singh Lab Assistant
Mr. Mahipal Jeep Driver
Mr. Keshav Dutt Animal Attendant
Mr. Ram Mahar Lab Attendant
Mr. Vikash Kumar Lab Attendant
Mr. Dev Chabba Lab Attendant
Mrs. Illaichi Devi Helper
Mrs. Nirmala Sweeper
At Outstation
Mr. Suresh Kumar Lab Technician (Sirsa)
Mr. Vinod Kumar Animal Attendent (Sirsa)
Mr. Ankush Kumar Clerk (Ambala)
Mr Dharambir Animal Attendant (Bhiwani)
Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant (Rohtak)
Mr. Naveen Kumar Lab Technician (Rohtak)
Mr. Amandeep Attendant (Mahendergarh)

Major Achievements

  • Large number of outbreaks are investigated every year in different spp. of livestock throughout the state of Haryana. Poultry diseases in 3 to 4 crore population of poultry birds are investigated every year.
  • Developed spot test for detection of urea adulteration in milk (Dr. Gulshan Narang and Dr. R. S. Khokhar) Granted patent vide No. 250500 dated 6 January 2012 for the invention entitled “A PROCESS OF TESTING UREA IN MILK AND AN INDICATOR SOLUTION THEREOF”. The Business Planning and Development (Veterinary) Unit is selling the above kit and is available for commercialization.
  • Developed field diagnostic test for diagnosis for Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in cattle and buffaloes. (Dr. Parul Sharma and Dr. R. S. Khokhar). Granted patent (vide No. 233446 dated 30.03.2009) for the invention entitled “A Process for preparation of diagnostic reagent for testing of haemorrhagic septicemia in cattle and buffaloes.
  • First report in literature of associating Mycoplasma F-38 with mastitis in cows.
  • Enterotoxaemia in camel orchitis due to mange in camel & isolation of M. mycoides sub sp. mycoides (LC, type) and M.bovoculi from aborted foetues and frozen bull semen reported for 1st time.
  • Prevalence of pathogenic Listeria, Aeromonas, Yersinia and Campylobacter recorded in the food of animal origin.
  • Ph.D thesis entitled “Experimental epidemiological studies on Mycoplasma mycoides subspp. mycoides (Large colony type) isolated from natural bovine abortions” by Dr. P. K. Kapoor was awarded Jawaharlal Nehru award by ICAR for the best thesis in 1995.
  • Counter immuno electrophoresis test developed for the demonstration of Brucella melitenis in stomach content of aborted fetuses of sheep for the first time.
  • Cases of zoonotic diseases (Brucellosis and mange) confirmed in human beings.
  • Epidemiological studies revealed the circulation of very virulent strains of infectious bursal disease virus, and lentogenic and velogenic strains of Newcastle disease virus in poultry.
  • Chicken astrovirus and avian nephritis virus were detected and characterized from boiler chickens affected with either enteritis or visceral gout.

Post graduate students/ Research assistants/ Senior research fellows
Seats available in M.V.Sc. (4 for Haryana Domicile, 2 for ICAR), each year for Ph. D 2+1;

At present there are 6 MVSc and 4 Ph.D. students are enrolled in the department.

Ph.D. Student

1. Dr. Vaishali

2. Dr. Puneet Jhandai

3. Dr. Aastha Nagpal

4. Dr. Kushal Grakh

M.V.Sc. Students

1. Dr. Naveen Kumar

2. Dr. Parul

3. Dr Priyanka

4. Dr. Karan Wadhwa

5. Dr. Aman Deep

6. Dr. Debabrata Konwar

7. Dr. Khushbu

8. Dr. Deepak Soni

9. Dr. Priyanka Sheoran

10. Dr. Rhythm

11. Dr. Sakshi Pandita


Research Associate

1. Dr. Nitish Bansal (DTRA Project)
2. Deepika Choudhary (DTRA project)
3. Dr. Jai Prakash (ICAR, Emeritus Scientist Project)
Junior Research Fellow 
1. Mohit Kumar (DBT Project) 

Research Projects

Ongoing projects

(i) International projects

a) Surveillance and molecular epidemiology of especially dangerous respiratory viruses in backyard and commercial poultry and water fowl in India DTRA, USA in collaboration with University of Minnesota and Pennsylvania State University, USA

b) Accelerating bovine tuberculosis control in developing countries in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania (Countries: USA, UK, India, Ethiopia)

(iI) RKVY projects

Epidemiological studies on pathogens associated with swine mortality and socio-economic upliftment of scheduled caste pig farmers 

(iii) National projects 

a) All India Coordinated Research Project on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (ICAR-NIVEDI)

b) Strengthening of facilities for rapid diagnosis of respiratory avian mycoplasmosis (ICAR-Emeritus Scientist)

c) DBT Network Program on Mycobacterial Disease Control- Mycobacterial Diseases in Animals Network (MyDAN) programme (DBT, India)

d) Network project on Outreach Programme on Zoonotic Diseases

(iii) State projects: 

  • Diagnostic services to livestock and poultry farmers in Haryana
Plan Projects
    • Research and referral laboratory at Hisar
    • Epidemiology of infectious and toxic disease conditions of livestock and poultry in different regions of Haryana
    • Safety aspects of food of animal origin
    • Surveillance and monitoring of economically important diseases of livestock and poultry
    • Disease investigation services and education of scheduled caste farmers of Haryana for better animal health
    • Self Finance Scheme
Completed projects
  1. Strengthening of disease diagnostic services and surveillance for important animal diseases in the state of Haryana under RKVY-1(67.5 lac)
  2. Bovine mycoplasmal reproductive disorders including the role of T-mycoplasma (Ureaplasma) National Fellow project sponsored by ICAR New-Delhi
  3. Corynebacterium ovis infection in sheep with special reference to epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and immunity sponsored by Government of Haryana (PL-480)
  4. Molecular biotechnological Approaches to rapid diagnosis and control of M.mycoides infection in animals, sponsored by CSIR, New-Delhi
  5. Development of diagnostic kit for the detection of cattle meat and its differentiation from buffalo meat, DBT, New-Delhi
  6. Speciation of meat for export APEDA, New-Delhi
  7. Development of facility for quality assurance of foods of animal origin
  8. Modernization of laboratories for better diagnostic facilities for farmers for economically important diseases of livestock and poultry
  9. Upgradation of laboratory for quality assurance of foods of animal origin.
  10. Equipping the DI Lab Ambala with modern diagnostic and training facilities for farmers.
  11. Network project on Outreach Programme on Zoonotic Diseases

P.G. Thesis