Veterinary Clinical Complex

About Department

Veterinary Clinical Complex Previously TVCC, College of Veterinary Sciences caters to needs of clinical teaching, diagnosis, treatment of animals and Veterinary extension through its different units. The VCC is a premier centre for treatment of animals and serve as a referral Veterinary Clinics for Haryana and neighbouring states. About 15,000 clinical cases of various animal species in clinical medicine, gynaecology, surgery and the pet animal section are provided treatment and 5,000 samples were tested in diagnostic laboratory annually

Head of Department :  
Dr. Gyan Singh
Phone (O): 01662-256102






Dr. Gyan Singh Associate Professor & head View Details
Dr. Divya Agnihotri Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Sandeep (Saharan) Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Neelesh Sindhu Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Tarun Kumar (Gupta) Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Satbir Sharma Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Shalini Sharma Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Maneesh Sharma Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. Sneh Lata Chauhan Scientist View Details

Supporting staff

Sh. Pardeep Assistant
Sh. Hanuman VLDA 
Sh. Amba Dutt VLDA
Sh. Vinod VLDA
Sh. Amarjeet VLDA
Sh. Kapil Godara Clerk
Sh. Sunil Clerk
Smt. Shashi Bala Sr. Lab. Asstt. 
Sh.Kuldip Saini Lab. Tech.
Sh. Ramesh Lab Attendant
Sh.Ram Avtar Animal Attendant
Sh. Randeep  Animal Attendant
Sh.Dhanraj Sweeper

Major Achievements

  • VCC provides excellent services to the entire Haryana state along with bordering states in medicinal, surgical, gynaecological and obstetrical treatment to farm animals as well as pet animals.
  • Techniques developed and standardized for treatment of Diaphragmatic hernia, upward fixation of patella, caesarean section, management of mastitis, post parturient haemoglobinuria etc.
  • Annually about 15,000 animals are treated in VCC for various ailments.
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory of the VCC provides facility for testing of faecal, urine, blood etc. of animals.
  • VCC organizes clinical camps, conferences & trainings for field veterinarians.
  • The skin diseases scheme contributed significantly in the epidemiology as well as undertaking drug trials against skin problems in various species of animals.
  • The scheme is also providing services to university animal farms, Gaushalas and Govt. Livestock Farms of centre and state.
  • Cheyletiella yasguri, a mite was reported for the first time from mange in dogs in India.
  • Ornithonyssus bacoti, a rat’s mite, was identified from skin scrapings of human beings for the first time in this part of the country.
  • Demodectic mange in cattle was recorded for the first time in this area.
  • In camel, orchitis due to Sarcoptes scabiei was recorded for the first time in the country.
  • Mange in camel due to Sarcoptes scabiei was shown to have zoonotic importance.
  • Formalin, when used orally brought about an effective cure of follicular (demodectic) mange in cattle.
  • Generalized psoroptic mange was diagnosed in a buffalo for the first time from this area.
  • Demodicosis in dogs was found to cause immunosuppression, which lead to pyoderma due to Staphylococcus spp. infection.
  • VVIPs holding high positions in National and International Academic, Social and Political arena have been visiting Veterinary Clinics and have been highly appreciative of the functioning of VCC.

Research Projects

  • “Studies on incidence, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in animals;”sponsored by Government of Haryana.
  • “Diagnosis of infertility owing to hormonal imbalance and optimizing fertility through hormonal approaches in dairy animals” Funded by RKVY (Rs. 52.5/- Lakh) PI: Dr. Anand Kumar Pandey
  • “Characterization of the Murrah buffaloes based on melatonin receptor (MTNR1A) gene polymorphism and its association with reproductive seasonality” Funded by HSCST (Rs. 9.89/- Lakh) PI: Dr. Anand Kumar Pandey
  • Establishment of Mobile Veterinary Clinic equipped with most Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic facilities".PI: Dr. Tarun Kumar, Co-PI: Dr. Neelesh Sindhu, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Khurana, Dr. Sandeep, Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Dr. Vikas Nehra



Videos prepared by VCC-LUVAS

1. Endoscopy in Horse

2. Endoscopy in Mare

3. Echocardiography in Horse