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Notifications w.e.f. 1st April 2021 (Newest First)

Result Notification-Ph.D. Dr. Jyoti Shunthwal

Result Notification No. 15/2023

Result Notification No. 14/2023

Result notificaton No. 13-2023

Result notification No. 5-2023

Result notification No. 4-2023

Result notification 08-2023

Final stray round of counselling for M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. (2nd semester 2022-23)

Admission order No.03-2023

Result notification-Ph.D. Dr. Sunil Dev

Result notification-M.V.Sc. Dr. Santosh

Result notification-M.V.Sc. Dr. Ramandeep, Dr. Neetu, Dr. Monika Rani

Admission order No. 02-2023

Order for change of discipline in M.V.Sc

Admission Order No. 01/2023 for Ph.D. Programme (2nd Sem., 2022-23)

Order for Discontinuation of M.V.Sc (Dr.Muninder)

Admission Order No. 02/2023 for MVSc. Programme (2nd Sem., 2022-23)

Admission Order No. 01/2023 for MVSc. Programme (2nd Sem., 2022-23)

Result Notification-Ph.D. Dr. Neha, Dr. Astha

Result Notification-Ph.D. Dr. Khusboo, Dr. Umesh, Dr. Sakshi

Result notification No. 03/2023

Order for Discontinuation of M.V.Sc (Dr.Sameer)

Order for Discontinuation of Ph.D (Dr.Gunjan)

Result notification No. 02.2023

Result notification No. 01/2023

Notification: To defer the institution of Merit Gold Medal

Result notification No. 01/2023

Merit Gold Medals for the year 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22

Important Instructions for Thesis Submission

Result notification No. 15-2022

Result notification No. 13-2022

Result notification No. 12-2022

Result notification No. 11-2022

Result notification No. 10-2022

Result notification Ph.D. dated 30-9-22

Office order-Discontinuation of M.V.Sc (Dr. Priyanka Sheoran)

Office order-Discontinuation of M.V.Sc (Dr. Spandan Shashwat Das)

Amendment in Rule 27 of Chapter III of University Calendar Volume II dated 29-07-2022

Officer order of Dr Reetu Rani, 2020V01D for discontinuation of Ph.D

Amendment in rule No. 27.2 of University calender Volume-II dated 28-07-2022

Academic Calendar of Post Graduate programmes for the academic year 2022-2023

Office Order dated 18-07-2022 regarding rejoining of studies of Dr Praveen Kumar 

Amendment in Rule 14.6 (c) dated 14-07-22

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 30-06-22

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 16-05-22

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 30-04-22

Result Notification MVSc dated 30-04-22

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 31-03-22

Result Notification MVSc. dated 31-03-22

Admission Order No. 2/2022 Ph.D.

Admission Order No. 4/2022 MVSc.

Notification of Special Counselling for MVSc and PhD (2021-2022)on 30-03-22

Admission Order No. 3/2022 MVSc.

Admission order No. 1/2022 Ph.D.

Meritwise list of students admitted to MVSc programme in 2nd Semester of AY 2021-22  

Admission Order No. 2/2022 MVSc.

Admission order No. 1/2022 MVSc.

Office order dated 14-03-22 regarding joining of studies

Office order dated 14-03-22 regarding discontinuation of studies

Result Notification MVSc dated 15-03-22

Notice regarding new dates of counselling and Registration for ICAR nominess for admission to MVSc and PhD (Vety.) in second semester 2021-22

Result Notification MVSc dated 20-12-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 16-12-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 15-12-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 02-12-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 30-11-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 15-11-2021

Result Notification MVsc. dated 15-11-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 30-11-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 30-10-2021

Revised Result Notification MVSc --Dr Karan Wadhwa regarding

Office Order dated 27-10-2021 regarding rejoining of studies of Dr Sunil Kumar 

Result Notification MVSc. dated 25-10-2021

Admission Order No. 2 (Ph.D. First semester 2021-22) dated 21-10-2021

Admission order No. 2 (M.Tech First Semester 2020-21) dated 21-10-2021

Admission Order No. 1 (M.Tech First semester 2021-22) dated 19-10-2021

Admission Order No. 1 (Ph.D. First semester 2021-22) dated 18-10-2021

Result Notification Ph.D dated 16-10-2021

Result Notification-2 MVSc dated 16-10-2021

Result Notification-1 MVSc dated 16-10-2021

Result of PG (Ph.D.) entrance test held on 12-10-2021

Office Order regarding rejoining of studies of Dr. Rekha Devi

Result Notification MVSc. dated 30-09-2021

Result Notification PhD. dated 30-09-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 18-09-2021

Office order dated 17-09-21 regarding discontinuation of PhD 

Result Notification MVSc. dated 15-09-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 31-08-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 31-08-2021

Office Order regarding rejoining of studies of Dr. Nancy Sheoran

Office Order regarding rejoining of studies of Dr. Jyoti Shunthwal

Result Notification MVSc. dated 23-08-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 16-08-2021

Revised PG Academic Calender for Second semester (2020-2021) of Master’s and Ph.D. 

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 30-06-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 15-06-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 09-06-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 31-05-2021

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 15-04-2021



Notifications upto 31-03-2021

Recent notifications issued by Dean, Post-Graduate Studies

List of post graduate students enrolled during the academic year 2015-16

List of post graduate students enrolled during the academic year 2016-17

List of post graduate students enrolled during academic year 2017-18

Guidelines for centralized admission to doctoral degree programmes in the Universities under ICAR-AU system

Revised guidlines for ICAR’s fellowships for Post-graduate Studies (PGS) in Agricultural Sciences

Academic Calender of MVSc. & Ph.D. programme for the Year 2017-18

Data regarding Ph.D. Scholars who have registered for 2nd semester 2016-17

Admission order 1/2017

Amendment in University Calender regarding credit load and advisory system

Amendment in University Calender-II -Important for PG/PhD students

Amendment in University Calender-II regarding allotment of PG/PhD. Students

Result Notification No. 1/2018

Result Notification No. 2/2018

Result Notification No. 3/2018

Result Notification No. 4/2018

Result Notification No. 5/2018

Result Notification No. 6/2018


Revised Academic Calender of M.V.Sc. & Ph.D. Programmes for the Academic Year 2019-20

Notification of counselling programme for admission in Ph.D. for 2nd semester of 2019-20

Result Notification 09/2019

Regarding completion of Bio-Stat course

Admission order No. 8/2019 (PhD)

Corrigendum to Admission order No. 8/2019 (PhD)

Admission Order 9/2019 (PhD)

Result Notification 1/2020

Office order of Dr Saurabh (2017V28M)

Result Notification 2/2020

Result Notification 3/2020

Result Notification 4/2020

Notification for Name change

Amendment No. 3/2020 of University Calender Vol. II

Notice dated 21-08-2020 regarding PG examinations

Result Notification 5/2020

Examination Notification- Dean PGS 14-09-2020

Revised Date Sheet

Permission to resume PG degree

Result Notification dated 30-09-2020

Permission dated 07-10-2020

Permission to resume degree-order for Dr Diksha and Dr Dipin

Notification of Extension of Semester

Notification for PG students of First Semester 2020-21

Result Notification MVSc dated 16-11-2020

Result Notification PhD dated 16-11-2020

Result Notification MVSc. dated 27-11-2020

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 28-11-2020

Result Notification MVSc. dated 28-11-2020

Revised Result Notification dated 01-12-2020

Result Notification MVSc. dated 03-12-2020

Result Notification MVSc. dated 15-12-2020

Result Notification Ph.D. dated 15-12-2020

Result Notification MVSc dated 31-12-2020

Result Notification PhD dated 31-12-2020

Office order regarding re-joining of studies of Dr. Amit Sangwan

Result Notification PhD dated 13-01-2021

Notification for Offline PG Classes wef 27-01-2021

Result Notification MVSc. dated 21-01-2021

Office Order regarding rejoining of studies of Dr. Savyasanchi Tripathi

Result Notification MVSc dated 30-01-2021

Office Order regarding rejoining of studies of Dr. Rekha Devi

Submission of Sypnosis for approval to Dean PGS-Instructions Thereof

Result Notification MVSc dated 11-02-2021

Admission Order No. 1/2021 for MVSc students Second Semester (2020-2021)

Admission Order No. 2/2021 for MVSc students Second Semester (2020-2021)

Admission Order for M.Tech students (2020-2021)

Admission Order No. 1/2021 for Ph.D Students Second Semester (2020-2021)

Revised Admission Order No. 2/2021 for Ph.D Students Second Semester (2020-2021)

Result Notification PhD dated 26-02-2021

Second Counselling Notification 2020-2021

Admission Order No. 3/2021 for MVSc students Second Semester (2020-2021)

Result Notification dated 08-03-2021

Result Notification MVSc dated 16-03-2021

Result Notification MVSc dated 31-03-2021