Infrastructural Facilities

Infrastructural Facilities
A. ICAR CAS/CAFT laboratory activities in pictures:


C. Departmental Library & Seminar room :

  1. Air-conditioned Library room having collections of books, theses, manuals, proceedings of summer institutes, etc.
  2. Computers with Internet facilities to all faculty members.
  3. CeRa access to journals & books from leading publishers via Nehru Library, CCSHAU, Hisar.
  4. List of books added to the departmental library 


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D. Major equipments for teaching, research & development:

S. No. Name of equipment Field of Application
1 Refrigerators Storage & preservation of reagents, materials, biological, etc.
2 Low Temp. Research Cabinet,  – 20°C Storage & preservation of reagents, materials, biological, etc.
3 Ultra low freezers, –80 °C Storage & preservation of reagents, materials, biological, etc.
4 Liquid nitrogen cryocans Preservation of biologicals
5 BOD Incubators Culture & incubation reactions
6 Autoclaves Sterilization of liquids
7 Hot air ovens Sterilization of glassware
8 MilliQ water purification system Research grade high purity, nuclease & pyrogen-free water
9 Quartz double distillation unit Double distilled water
10 Laminar flow clean air cabinets Clean air workstation for cell culture, bacterial & viral cultures
11 Biosafety sterile air work-stations Clean air workstation for bacterial & viral cultures, GM organisms
12 Electronic balances Precision weighing of chemicals
13 Projection Microscopes Microscopic examination of cells
14 Inverted microscopes with digital imaging system Microscopic examination of cell cultures
15 High quality phase contrast microscope Microscopic examination of cells
16 Fluorescent microscope Fluorescent antibody technique
17 Digital pH meters Preparation of buffers
18 Centrifuges, high speed cooling Processing, purification of biological materials
19 Microcentrifuges, cooling high speed Processing, purification of biological materials
20 Centrifuges, low speed Processing, purification of biological materials
21 Vertical gel electrophoresis unit SDS-PAGE
22 Horizontal gel electrophoresis unit Resolution of nucleic acids
23 Western blotting unit, semi-dry Confirmation of antigens expression products, etc.
24 Gel drier Drying the gel for permanent record
25 Biophotometer Nucleic acids & proteins quantification, bacterial counts
26 Fluorometer, Qubit 2.0 Nucleic acids & proteins quantification
27 Lyophilizer For long-term preservation of bacterial cultures
28 PCR machine For DNA amplification in molecular studies
29 CO2 incubators Cell culture, hybridoma culture
30 UV/Vis Monochromator multiskan spectrophotometer & ELISA plate reader ELISA plate reading, nucleic acids & protein quantification, enzyme kinetics, cell proliferation, etc.
31 ELISA reader ELISA plate reading
32 ELISA plate washer Automatic ELISA plate washing
33 Colony counter, electronic Bacterial colony counting
34 UV transilluminator & image documentation system Gel visualization, imaging and processing
35 HPLC unit Molecular fractionation, purification
36 Multichannel pipettes Measuring devices for various tests
37 Micropipettes, all range Measuring devices for various tests
38 Micropipette controllers Controlled measuring for various tests
39 UPS, 2 hr backup For uninterrupted run of equipments
40 Shaker incubator, cooling Bacterial cultures, expression of clones, etc.
41 Vacuum concentrator Drying and concentration of biomolecules
42 Dry heat blocks For incubation steps
43 Precision water baths For incubation steps
44 Vortex mixer Mixing of suspensions
45 Magnetic stirrers, with hot plate Mixing of suspensions, solutions
46 Ultrasonicator For cell fractionation
47 Fluorescent microscope Fluorescence visualization of cells & molecules
48 Amicon dialyser unit Ultrafiltration and purification of molecules
49 Real-time PCR machine (CCL) For detection & quantification of RNA and DNA in real time
50 Flow Cytometer (CCL) For cell fractionation, detection of cell subpopulations, characters, etc.