HPVK, Uchani (Karnal)

Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra, LUVAS, G.T.Road, Uchani (Karnal)


            Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra, LUVAS, Karnal has been established by upgrading the Veterinary Unit Substation TVCC which was created by merging Parasitological Research Station, Disease Investigation Laboratory and TVCC sub centre of erstwhile CCS, HAU, Hisar in June 2004. Haryana Pashu Vigyan Kendra has two well established units namely TVCC and Disease diagnostic laboratory.



  1. To provide diagnostic and treatment facilities for various diseases of domestic animals of the region including disease surveillance.
  2. To study epidemiology, pathobiology, diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases of domestic animals of eastern Haryana
  3. To create additional facilities for internship training of B.V.Sc & A.H. programme

Regional Director:
Dr. Anita Ganguly

Phone (O): 0184-2267876








Dr. Anita Ganguly

Regional Director cum Principal Scientist

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Dr. Harpreet Singh


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Dr. Biswa Ranjan Maharana


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Dr. Sandeep Potliya


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Dr. Ankit Kumar


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Dr. Devan Arora


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Dr. Swati Ruhil


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Dr. Sujoy Khanna

Extension Specialist

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Supporting staff

Sh.Vivek Sharma




Aditya Saroha


Krishan Kumar

Lab Assistant


Lab attendant

Ram Kumar



Office staff

Vijay Kumar

Deputy Superintendent

Deepak Maheshwal


Major Achievements

Clinical and Diagnostic

  1. The number of total OPD and IPD cases treated during the year 2020-21 was 14760.
  2. Total 2453 surgery were performed to alleviate various ailments in domestic animals.
  3. Tissue adhesive for sealing of teat fistula in combination with absorbable sutures (polygalactin) in inverted pattern suturing on muscular layers was found effective.
  4. Total 934 cases of gynecological and obstetrical were treated during the year 2020-21.
  5. Management of dystocia cases in light sedation with Xylazine, Ketamine and propofol combination in recumbency was found effective in terms of haemostasis, easy expulsion, asepsis and better pain and stress management to Dam.
  6. Total 11624 samples (7503 blood, 1114 faecal, 182 urine, 1806 milk, and 1019 serum) from OPD and 104 (52 blood and 52 serum) samples of sheep and goat from outbreak of different diseases attended by our faculty at HPVK, Karnal were processed in diagnostic laboratory, Karnal this year 2020-21.

Research Achievements

  • Developed and standardized a Direct blood PCR assay for diagnosis of Theileria annulataand Trypanosoma evansi. This is highly sensitive, specific and rapid diagnostic tool as there is no need of DNA isolation from the whole blood.
  • Developed a Duplex PCR assay for simultaneous detection and differentiation of Babesia and Theileria infecting bovines.
  • Developed a Multiplex PCR assay for simultaneous detection of haemoprotozoan infections viz., annulata, T. evansi, Babesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginalein bovine
  • A PCR assay has been standardization and validated for detection of Theileria infecting small ruminants targeting 18S ribosomal RNA gene sequence
  • A PCR-RFLP technique has been developed for differentiation between various Theileria
  • First report of isolation and phylogenetic characterization of equine Setaria digitata in India based on mitochondrial COX1, 12S rDNA and ITS2 sequence data.
  • First report of molecular and phylogenetic analysis of Physaloptera praeputialis in naturally infected stray cats from India based on mitochondrial, ribosomal genes and nematode barcoding.
  • The blood direct PCR method for diagnosis of Anaplasma marginale in buffalo in conjunction with microscopic examination has been standardized and it may be useful for rapid and reliable Moreover, marked changes in haematological and serum biochemical profile observed in Anaplasma marginale infected buffalo may be useful in understanding disease pathogenesis and undertaking necessary corrective measures.
  • Inhalation of isoflurane in combination of N2O through closed and semi closed methods in major surgical intervention in large animals found safe and effective in term of maintenance of pregnancy in buffaloes, better analgesia, sedation and muscle relaxation in all animals.
  • Use of tissue adhesive along with inverted suture pattern on mucosa and muscle layer using vickryl suture material, found effective in prevention of leakage and better healing in clinical cases of teat fistula.

Research Projects

Ongoing projects

  • Establishment of Veterinary Unit at Regional Research Station, Karnal- State Plan project
  • Studies on dysfunctions of intestines in animals and their management- State Plan project
  • Diagnosis and treatment of domestic animals in Eastern Haryana- SF Scheme

Completed Projects

  • Establishment of Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry and haematology laboratory at Veterinary Unit, Substation TVCC, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Uchani, Karnal-RKVY
  • Strengthening of Clinical and Extension services at Regional Centre, LUVAS, Uchani, Karnal-RKVY


Facilities Available (Lab / Operation Theatre)


  • Lab Diagnostic facilities: Haematology, Urine analysis, Microscopic examination of blood, faecal and urine samples, Biochemical parameters using fully automated chemistry analyzer, CMT, CST, PCR based diagnosis of various diseases of livestock, Real Time PCR,  ELISA, electrolye analyzer,  Electrophoresis with Gel doc facility.
  • Imaging diagnostic facilities: Computed radiography, ultrasonography and Electrocardiography

Sample analysis in the laboratory

  • Milk, Faecal, Urine, Blood, Serum, Vaginal swab, Skin Scrappings, Semen etc.

Clinical Facilities


  • Surgical facility for various surgical procedure like Diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy, rumenotomy, tracheostomy, urethrotomy, eye surgery. GIT surgery, orthopaedic surgery, Gynaecological surgery and oncosurgery in large, small, wild life and zoo animals.


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