Veterinary Pathology

About Department

The Department of Veterinary Pathology came into being as an independent existence in June, 1965. In the year 1978-79, disease investigation part was separated and formed a part of the newly created Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology. Following are the objectives and activities of the Department.
  • Provides a significant role in the diagnosis and etio-pathological studies of important diseases of different species of animals and poultry prevailing in Haryana state
  • Diagnosis, prevention and control of emerging/ re-emerging diseases of livestock and poultry
    • Hematological and Biochemical testing
    • Post-mortem examination
    • Histopathological and Biopsy examination
  • Preservation of gross specimens of various diseases in museum for education and awareness
  • Public advisory service regarding diseases of zoonotic importance- Avian influenza, Swine flu, Rabies etc.
  • Development of quality human resource by providing education and imparting training
    • Education- BVSc & AH, MVSc, PhD
    • Continuing education of field veterinarians
    • Farmer advisement and counseling
  • Provides expert guidance for the disease diagnosis and its prevention and control to Livestock/Poultry farmers in form of Farm Darshan, Kisan Melas etc.

Head of the Department :

Dr. Gulshan Narang
Phone (O): 01662- 256117
Fax: 01662-284312








Dr. Gulshan Narang Principal Scientist and HOD View Details
Dr. (Mrs.) Deepika Assistant Professor View Details
Dr.Vikas Nehra Scientist View Details
Dr. Babu Lal Jangir  Assistant Professor View Details
Dr. (Mrs) Chandratre Gauri A. Disease Investigation Officer, HPVK, JInd View Details
Dr. Maneesh Sharma Assistant Professor (Posted in VCC) View Details
Dr. Sushma Assistant Professor View Details

Ministerial Staff

1. Sh.Ramkala, Office Assistant
2. Sh. Bhagwan Singh, Office Clerk

Laboratory Staff 

1. Sh. Rishi Pal, Lab. Technician
2. Sh. Ram Mehar, Lab. Technician
3. Sh. Mahabir Singh, Lab. Assistant
4. Sh. Ram Murat, Lab. Attendant
5. Sh. Sultan Singh, Animal Attendant
6 Sh. Bhoop Singh, Animal Attendant
7. Sh. Sunil Kumar, Sweeper
8. Sh. Narender, Sweeper


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Diagnostic Services

1. Department is providing diagnostic services by performing post mortem of animals and histopathological examination of samples received from field/Department of VCC/other departments etc. regularly. 

2. Department is providing diagnostic services by performing routine biopsy examination of samples received from field veterinarians/Department of VCC of the university. 

3. During disease outbreaks, department is proving diagnostic service by field investigation in collaboration with other department.   

4. Diagnosis, prevention and control of emerging/ re-emerging infectious and non-infectious diseases/tumour conditions of different animals and poultry by conducting

A. Hematological and Biochemical testing

B. Post-mortem examination

C. Histopathological and Biopsy examination

D. Immunohistochemical and Special staining procedures (as and when required)

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Total number of M.V.Sc./Ph.D. students passed since inception of the Department (till 31st March, 2018)
M.V.Sc.:       93
Ph.D.:          37
Post graduate students/ Research Assistants/ Senior Research fellows
1. Sushma, Ph.D student
2. Pravesh Kumari, Ph.D student
3. Shakti Malik, Ph.D student
4. Charlie Sharma, M.V.Sc. student
5. Shailja Pandey, M.V.Sc. student
6. Shobhna Singh, M.V.Sc. student
7. Shreya Bahl, M.V.Sc. student 
8. Amit Kumar, M.V.Sc. student
9. Diwakar Singh Rana, M.V.Sc. student
10. Priyanka Tank, M.V.Sc. student 
11. Subhash, M.V.Sc. student

 P.G. Thesis