Join eKrantiin the form of `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’

 `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’

In view of recent decisions of the Government, India is on the cusp of a major financial revolution. As we shift from a cash-dependent to a cashless economy, we look forward to better social equity, availability of more resources for development work through higher revenue collection, eradication of counterfeit currency, a reduction in illegal transactions and a curb on black money. Hence it is important for the nation to digitally educate and empower itself so that the undiluted benefits of growth accrue to the people at large. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has started launched the `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’.  The purpose of the `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’ is to actively engage the youth/ students of Higher Education Institutions to encourage and motivate all payers and payees to use a digitally enabled cashless economic system for transfer of funds. Students will be the torch bearers of the strategy. In this regard, we urge our post graduate students to actively participate in accomplishing this challenging task of `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’. All volunteer students will be given training on digital modes of payment and how to further train the 10 households/volunteer.


Join eKrantiin the form of `Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan’ and act as engines of this transformational shift.


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