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Video Tutorials (Please click on the link given below to see the audio-visual tutorial of given topic)

Written Communication

1. Letter Managment system- An introduction

2. Letter Creation and Transfer (This video explain how to create the letter and send it to intended recepient)

3. Green Sheet Creation and Submission

4. Create and manage notices and general circulars (This video will explain how to create notices meant for students and staff)

Leave Management

1. Leave request (This video will explain how to submit leave application)

2. Leave approval (This video will explain to you how to give approval or reject the leave application submitted by your subordinate.)

3. Leave adjustment or cancellation (This video will explain to you how to submit the application for cancellation or adjustment of already applied leave)


1. Teacher course assignment (This video will explain to you how to assign courses to the teacher as per the decision of the Departmental advisory committee.)

2. Student attendance (This video will explain to you how to mark the attendance of students in the e-Governance system (Manually)

3. Learning managment (This video will explain to you how to create and manage lecture schedule and educational contents of your course for the students)

4. Marks feeding (This video will explain to you how to feed the marks obtained by the students in the internal examination in the e-Governance system.)

4. PG student allotment and creation of advisory committee (This video will be helpful for major Advisor to get the alloted student and create his/her advisory committee so that same shall be submitted for necessary action from Dean PGS)

5. Advisory committee details and programme of work of your student (This video will be helpful to Major Advisor to get approved Advisory Committee and Programme of work (Yellow Form-PG-2))

6. List of students for whom you are member of their advisory committee (This video will help faculty members to check about their membership in various committees of PG students, so that it may not cross the upper limit as per PG rules)