CAFT-Veterinary Microbiology

Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT)
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Veterinary Microbiology
(Established in the year 1995 AD vide O.O. No.1-2/93(CAS)/UNDP dated 11.11.1994)
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Hisar-125004 (Haryana) India
Dr. Naresh Kumar Kakker 
Principal Scientist and Head - cum - Director,
ICAR-Centre of Advanced Faculty Training Veterinary Microbiology
Department of Veterinary Microbiology, and
Incharge, College Central Laboratory
College of Veterinary Sciences
Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences
Hisar-125004 (Haryana) India 
Phone: 01662-256104, 256132 (Office) 
Mobile: 09466265761 (Mobile)

Foundations of the Department that led to its recognition by the ICAR as the Centre of Advanced Studies in Veterinary Microbiology:
  • Established as Department of Bacteriology & Hygiene in 1965, the department took lead for teaching & research activities in the disciplines of veterinary microbiology & immunology:
  • The department is known to the scientific world of microbiology & immunology for its pioneering and outstanding contributions in:
  • Virology: a) poxviruses, particularly buffalopox virus and capripox viruses, b) Foot-and-mouth disease virus, particularly A22 subtype, extensive epidemiology & sero-monitoring of FMD control programme, c) bovine rotaviruses, particularly buffalo rotavirus electropherotyping & molecular diagnostics, d) first isolation of equine herpes virus-1 and blue-tongue virus, and e) infectious bursal disease virus IV95 vaccine & immunity.
  • Bacteriology & Mycology: a) Enterobacteriaceae: new serotypes of Salmonella (S. Hissar), Arizona,Edwardsiella tarda and E. coli, and molecular studies, b) avian mycoplasmas, c) Pasteurella multocida B:2: DNA diagnostics & sero-monitoring of HS vaccination programme, and d) Cryptococcus neoformans, C. laurentii and Rhodotorula rubra.
  • Immunology (since 1984 AD): a) Immunology of buffalo and camel Igs, b) Bacterial and parasitic immunity, particularly Trypanosoma evansi and Schistosoma spp., c) Experimental vaccines of Salmonellla Typhimurium, biofilm-forming Staphylococcus aureus and Pasteurella spp., d) Penside test for surra in animal spp, e) Immunobiologicals production technologies: Hybridoma, phage display technology for single-domain antibodies, rDNA technology for genetically engineered antigens and novel technology for synthesis and applications of polyacrylamide gels catalyzed by silver nitrate as novel catalyst discovered.
  • Research by students and faculty published in high impact peered-reviewed national & international journals.
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Immunology as separate disciplines for under-graduate and post-graduate programmes of study.
  • Books, instructional materials and teaching aids prepared by the faculty as valuable tools to equip students with updated knowledge.
  • Several students and alumni bagged national & international prizes, awards, honors, distinctions, scholarships, fellowships, etc. for accomplishments in academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Faculty won several coveted awards, prizes, fellowships, etc., including Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Memorial Prize, Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards, ICAR Team Research Award, Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship, Post-doctoral Fellowships, Fellows of National Academy, National Fellows, National Professor, etc. at various times over more than four decades.
Resource Faculty

Dr. Naresh K. Kakker, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (UK), PDF (UK) [Director,ICAR- CAFT]

Dr. (Mrs) Archana Sharma, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr. Jagveer Rawat, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (UK)

Dr Swati Dahiya, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Rajesh Chhabra. B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (UK)

Dr. (Mrs.) VandanaBhanot, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. P. S. Cheema, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Pankaj Kumar, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Anshul Lather B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Akhil Kumar  B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA) 

Dr Mahavir Singh B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Parveen Kumar  B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Anita Dalal  B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Sanjeevna Kumari  B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr Rahul Yadav  B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (INDIA)

Dr. Ajit Singh, B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.,PDF (UK) [ICAR-Emeritus Scientist]


Faculty trainings organized by the ICAR-Centre of Advanced Studies/ Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Veterinary Microbiology:34 trainings organized since 1995

Sr. No. Title of the course Course Coordinator(s) CAS / CAFT Director Duration
 1. Trends in Immunodiagnostics for Veterinary Microbiology Dr S. K. Kalra Dr S.C. Tewari  February 11 to March 2,1996
 2. Murine Monoclonal Antibody Production Dr Arvind Kumar  Dr S.C. Tewari  January 14 to Feburary 2, 1997
 3. Enzyme Immunoassays in Veterinary  Microbiology Dr G. Prasad Dr S.C. Tewari  March 3 to 17, 1997
 4. linical Veterinary Microbiology Dr R.N. Srivastava Dr D.P. Monga  March 5 to 24, 1998
 5. Update in Poultry Microbiology Dr S. K. Kalra&Dr S Charan Dr D.P. Monga  August 3 to 22, 1998
 6. Update in Bovine Diagnostic Microbiology Dr K. L. Ahuja&Dr V. D. Purohit Dr D.P. Monga  February 4 to 24, 1999
 7. Recent Approaches in Immuno-diagnostics for Livestock and Poultry Dr G. C. Chaturvedi  Dr D.P. Monga  January 11 to 31, 2000
 8. Advances in Cell Culture Technology Dr R. Sharma  Dr D.P. Monga  March 3 to 23, 2000
 9. Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases of Poultry Dr P.C. Sharma  Dr D.P. Monga  September 5 to October 4, 2000
 10.  Molecular Approaches in Diagnosis of Infections in Livestock and Poultry Dr S.K. Batra  Dr V.D. Purohit  January 5 to    February 3,2001
11. Production and Use of Instructional Material on Veterinary Virology Dr Sanjay Kapoor Dr S.K. Kalra February 8 to 28, 2002
12. Production and Use of Instructional Material on Veterinary Immunology & Serology Dr S. K. Kadian Dr S.K. Kalra December 16, 2002 to January 06, 2003
13. Management of Microbes as Instrument of SPS Compliance and International Livestock Trade Dr S. K. Kalra, Dr N. K. Kakker, Dr J. R. Rawat Dr S.K. Kalra November 18 to December 08, 2003
14. Development of Instructional Material for General Veterinary Microbiology Dr Y. P. Grover &Dr Sanjay Kapoor Dr S.K. Kalra February 10 to March 1, 2004
15.  Antimicrobials, Disinfectants, and Immunomodulators – The Indian Heritage Dr Ajit Singh &Dr S. K. Kalra Dr S.K. Kalra November 8 to 28, 2004
16.  Accreditation and Allied Issues with Focus on Development of Website of Core Courses Of Veterinary Microbiology Dr S.K. Kalra,  Dr Sanjay Kapoor &Dr G Singh Dr S.K. Kalra  February 1 to 21, 2005
17. Capacity Building of Decentralized Institutions for SPS Compliance and Self Employment Dr S. K. Kalra, Dr A. K. Vinayak, Dr S. R. Garg, Dr. N. K. Mahajan Dr S.K. Kalra October 11 to 31, 2005
18. Current Methods in Veterinary Microbiology Dr R. Sharma, Dr. N. K. Kakker, &Dr A. Sharma Dr S.K. Batra January 17 to February 06, 2006
19. Methods in Virology for Disease Diagnosis Dr Sanjay Kapoor, Dr R. Sharma and Dr Minakshi Dr Arvind Kumar December 28, 2006 to January 17, 2007
20. Techniques in Murine Monoclonal Antibody Production Dr S. K. Kadian, Dr Ajit Singh, Dr B. R. Gulati DrArvind Kumar January 23 to February 12,2008
21. Phage Display Technology for Production of Single-domain Antibodies Dr Ajit Singh DrArvind Kumar September 25 to  October 15, 2008
22.  Current Concepts in Immunoassays for the Diagnosis of Animal Diseases Dr R. Sharma and Dr N. K. Kakker DrArvind Kumar  January 16  to February 5, 2009
23.  Modern Trends in Vaccines and Diagnostics for the Control of Infectious Diseases in Animals Dr Shiv Charan&Dr S.K. Batra  Dr Ajit Singh  March 5 to 25, 2010
24. Modern Cellular and Molecular Immunology Techniques in Animal Health Dr S.K. Kadian&Dr J. Rawat Dr Ajit Singh November 3 to 23, 2011
25. Control of Infectious Diseases of Animals, with Particular Emphasis on FMD Control Programme Dr R. Sharma and Dr N. K. Kakker  Dr Ajit Singh  September 18 to October 8, 2012 
26. Advances in Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals Dr S.K. Batra&Dr Shiv Charan Dr Y. P. Grover  September 17 to October 7, 2013
27.   Capacity Building for Safe Exchange of Bovine Germplasm Conforming to SPS Standards Dr J. Rawat&Dr Swati Dahiya Dr Sanjay Kapoor February 3 to 23, 2015 
28. Development of Validated Diagnostic Assays and Accreditation of Diagnostic Laboratories Dr Swati Dahiya&Dr Archana Sharma Dr Sanjay Kapoor February 3 to 23, 2016
29. Modern Technologies for Production and Applications of Antibodies for Animal Health Improvement Dr Ajit Singh &Dr S. K. Kadian Dr Sanjay Kapoor March 1 to 21, 2017
30. Microbial Genomics and Proteomics in Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Veterinary Importance. Dr. N. K. Kakker& Dr. Rajesh Chhabra Dr Sanjay Kapoor November 7 to 27, 2017
31.  Diagnosis and Control of Emerging and Re-emerging Trans-boundary Diseases of Poultry Dr. Rajesh Chhabra & Dr. N. K. Kakker  Dr Sanjay Kapoor February 7 to 27, 2018
32. Recent Advances in Cell based Technologies for Animal Disease Diagnostics and Therapeutic Dr. Swati Dahiya& Dr. Rajesh Chhabra Dr Sanjay Kapoor October 11 to 31, 2018
33 Microbiological Techniques for Diagnosis of Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases of Veterinary Importance

Dr. Akhil K. Gupta

Dr. Anshul Lather

Dr. Mahavir Singh
Dr. N.K. Kakker November 20 to December 10, 2019
34 Issues in Export of Livestock and Livestock Products vis-à-vis SPS Agreement

Dr. Jagveer Rawat

Dr. Parveen Kumar
Dr. N.K. Kakker February 7 to 27, 2020


Faculty trainings to be organized by the ICAR - Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Veterinary Microbiology during 2020-21:


Sr. No. Title of the course Course Coordinator(s) Course
35 Foundation Course in Veterinary Microbiology as per MSVE-2016-I (Unit 1, 2 and 3)

Dr. Parveen Kumar

Dr. Sanjeevna
Dr. N. K. Kakker October 1 to 21, 2020
36 Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Livestock and Poultry: Recent Advances in Surveillance, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Dr. Rajesh Chhabra

Dr. Swati Dahiya
Dr. N. K. Kakker February 4 to 24, 2021