Auction Notice (Deptt. of Animal Nutrition)





Document No.:- NU628-180719 



Memo. No. AN/19/8927-57                                            Dated : 15th July, 2019
The following unserviceable store items are proposed through public auction on 25.07.2019 at 11:00 AM in this department (CFFS).  All the interested persons are requested to reach well in time for ibid :-

Sr. No  Name of items Quantity Remarks
1. Empty Small Gunny Bags (Bori) 14018  
2. Empty plastic packing (Bori) 10445  

The auction will be conducted on the following terms and conditions :-

1.      The unserviceable items will be sold by auction.  The material can be inspected before bid.
2.      The unserviceable items will be sold to the highest bidder subject to the approval of the auction committee.
3.      The successful bidder shall have to make the payment in cash on the spot at the fall of hammer.
4.      The material will be supplied as it is and where it is.
5.      In case of any dispute, the decision of the auction committee will be final.
6.      Committee may reject any bid without any reasons.
7.      The bidder has to deposit of Rs. 4000.00 (Rupees four thousand only) as earnest money in the           event of not honouring the terms of auction by successful bidder, the earnest money will be forfeited. 
8.      Jurisdiction of Hisar Court will apply for any legal action in court of law.
9.      All committee members with the request to attend the auction.
        (a)       Dr. N.S. Maan, HOD, Animal Nutrition.
        (b)       Dr. Rajesh Khurana, Principal Scientist, VPHE, Rep of Dean, COVS, LUVAS, Hisar.
        (c)       Dr. Sandeep Duhan, Asst. Prof, Dairy Engineering, LUVAS.
        (d)       Sh. Vivek Chopra, Asst, Deptt of VPTX, Rep of CVU Office, LUVAS

Endst No :                                                                             Prof & Head

CC :
        1.     All Kabaries, Hisar.
        2.     All Notice Boards.
        3.     All Deans/Directors/HODs, LUVAS, Hisar.
        4.     Dr. Neelesh Sindhu, University Web Site Incharge. 
                                                                                                                                                           Prof & Head