About DHRM

Director, Human Resource Management
Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Hisar – 125 004 (Haryana)
Location:- Animal Science Block
Office: 01662-289503
            01662-256146 (EPBAX)
Directorate of Human Resource Management was established in 2015, to carry out its multifaceted activities through its four wings viz. Staff training Academy, Planning & Evaluation, Manpower Assessment and Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization Unit with the purpose to ensure the growth and management of the faculty and staff in pursuance of the mandate of the university. 
Aims of the Directorate
  • Recruitment, development, management & evaluation of manpower.
  • Personal, interpersonal and organizational skill development.
  • Build interdisciplinary and inter-institutional interaction.
  • Arranging, monitoring and disbursing the financial protection. 
  • Intellectual property rights issues and their commercialization.

Activity Wings and their Functions

1. Planning and Evaluation (P&E) Wing

This wing is entrusted with the duty of recruitment, planning, management, evaluation, growth and development of the faculty and staff so that they may become more efficient and valuable to the University.  This wing also shoulders the responsibility of disbursing and monitoring the financial resources received from state government, ICAR and other sources for teaching, research and extension activities. This section reports and evaluates the activities of the university with the following functions:

  • To evaluate and enhance the broad activities of the university i.e. teaching, research, extension and administration.
  • To setup and sustain bonding with the State government departments, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), other State Agricultural Universities, Government of India and other organizations in the best interest of the university. 
  • To assist faculty members for participation in national and international conferences, trainings, workshops etc. and give recommendations for travel assistance thereof.
  • To prepare overall annual report of activities, achievements and opportunities extended and created for overall manpower and infrastructure development. 

2. Staff training Academy 

This wing works to develop personal, interpersonal and organizational skills of the faculty and staff. It ensures growth and development of the faculty and staff through its varied activities. It performs following functions:

  • To conduct induction training for newly appointed faculty and refresher courses, summer and winter schools.
  • To organize workshops, symposia, conferences, panel forums, diagnostic and brainstorming sessions on issues of topical interest.
  • To organize training programmes in emerging areas of Veterinary and Animal Science disciplines.
  • To organize need based training programmes for administrative and technical staff.

3. Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization (IPR & C) Wing

This wing facilitates “Concerns of intellectual property and commercialization of technologies” related to Veterinary and Animal Sciences including Livestock, Fisheries, Dairy Science and Technology through judicious planning and evaluation of the research with the following functions:  

  • Encourage/motivate production of field oriented research and development of products/processes adoptable by farmers, field functionaries, entrepreneurs and industrial clientele.
  • Identification, registration, popularization and commercialization of intellectual property and technologies.
  • Awareness/sensitization of faculty on intellectual property aspects.

4. Manpower Assessment (MPA) Wing

The faculty and staff of any organization are the most dynamic and alive component and their smooth and fruitful interaction across different disciplines results in the desired directional growth of the organization. Manpower Assessment Wing focuses on recruitment and management of organizational work force with the following functions:

  • To enhance interdisciplinary and inter-institutional interaction.
  • To plan, monitor and evaluate the manpower.
  • To co-ordinate the meetings of Post Clearance Committee.
  • To build up data bank for projection of various activities of the university.
  • To make liaisons with funding agencies and guiding faculty in project development.


 Non-teaching/supporting staff

Sr. No.   Name Designation
1.  Mrs. Chanchal Rani PA
2.  Mrs. Jyoti Gahlawat Assistant
3.  Ms. Pooja Rani Steno Typist
4.  Vikash Sheoran Clerk


List of MoUs

1.    MoU between LUVAS and Delhi Milk Scheme, Delhi (31.03.2014)

2.    MoU between LUVAS and National Research Centre on Equines, Hisar (09.05.2014)

3.    MoU between LUVAS and CIRB, Hisar (09.05.2014)

4.    MoU between LUVAS and GJUS&T, Hisar (09.05.2014)

5.    MoU between LUVAS and IVRI, Izatnagar, U.P. (07.12.2014)

6.    MoU between LUVAS and The Pirbright Institute, Surrey, UK (27.08.2015)

7.    MoU between LUVAS and Defence Institute of High Altitude Research, Leh-Ladakh (14.09.2015)

8.    MoU between LUVAS and Agriculture Skill Council of India (06.12.2016)

9.    MoU between LUVAS and University of Minnesota, USA (27.05.2017)

10.  MoU between LUVAS and Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), Bhubaneswar (06.07.2017)

11.  MoU between LUVAS and Pennsylvania State University, USA (20.12.2017)

12.  MoU between LUVAS and Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Pookode, Kerala (10.01.2018).

13.  MoU between LUVAS and Ayurvet, Limited, Ghaziabad (05.12.2017)

14.  MoU between LUVAS and Digital Depositories in NAD. (18.12.2017)

15. MoU between LUVAS & Michigan State University, USA (15.01.2018)

16.  Umbrella MoU between LUVAS & ICAR (12.03.2018)

17. MoU between Chaudhary Bagmal Sewa Samiti, Jind & LUVAS, Hisar (10.05.2018)

18. MoU between CCSHAU, Hisar & LUVAS, Hisar (on 11.06.2018)

19. MoU between Ayurvet Research Foundation, Village-Chidana, Tehsil Gohana, District Sonipat & LUVAS, Hisar ( 07.06.2018)

20.  MoU between C.D.L.U., Sirsa & LUVAS, Hisar (14.08.2018)  

21.  National Institute of Animal Walfare(12.11.2018)

22.  MoU between LUVAS with CCS NIAH, Baghpat (09.08.2019)

23. MoU with DAHD Govt. of India (29.11.2019).

24. MoU with LUVAS and DNA xperts Private Ltd. Noida (30.11.2019)

25. MoU between LUVAS and Management of National Institute of Animal Welfare Ballabhgarh (3.12.2019)


List of Patents Granted/ Applied/Submitted

Patent Granted




Technology protected/patented


Country, patent no. and date


A process of development of anti-theileriosis vaccine

R.D.Sharma,A.K. Nichani,Dept. of VEPM

Sr Lanka:WO 2005/109991A3 dt.23.12.2009;Morocco:28656 dt. 1.6.2007 and Africa (OAP): 13625 dt. 28.12.2007


A process for preparation of diagnostic reagent for testing of HS

Parul Sharma, R.S. Khokhar, Dept. of VEPM

India:233446 dt. 30.03.2009


A process of testing urea in milk and solutions thereof

Gulshan Narang, R.S. Khokhar, Dept. of VEPM

India: 250500 dt. 06.01.2012


Development of novel set of primers pair to detect the presence of buffalo tissue

Hari Singh, Gaya Prasad and Minakshi, Dept. of ABT

India: 261631 dt. 03.07.2014


Development of novel set of primers pair to detect the presence of cattle tissue

Hari Singh, Gaya Prasad and Minakshi, Dept. of ABT

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Biochemical assay to estimate milk urea nitrogen in milk for the detection of mastitis

Sandeep Gera and Anirban Guha Dept. of VPB

India:316057 dt. 16.07.2019